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incredibly there are no reviews on the net of the are people scared of Wikileaks now ?

Wikileaks doco on More4

Russian doll : when you are so distant from something it might as be a movie ... you can't take anything at face value

- I expected prog to be a pro-Assange whitewash, it started off gently ..but then something new. Assange hyped up stories that the CIA had sent agents to fit him up. But a journalist who was with him said somehow he had managed to get these 2 women into bed at the same time (prostitutes ??) they are both Swedish. They insisted he wore a condom, but after agreeing he jumped in breaking his promise. Afterwards they were angry and said "if he doesn't do a HIV test we will go to the police". The journalist said they tried, but it being after 5pm on a Friday in Stockholm it wasn't possible ..so the women went to the police ..Assange fled the country the next day. jesus how come the media didn't tell me this before ..why all that distraction about Assange being fitted up for rape ?

- It's not like he was ever going to be in jail for the next 10 years. I feel really deceived by the media. Yes he did wrong, you can't let people get away with refusing condoms, but its not as bigger crime as rape. All he ever needed to do was attend the court case ..apologise citing stress etc. and then pay a fine or a few days in jail.

- Then it got worse for Assange after he approached the Guardian etc they met and talked about how they would have to redact the names of the Afghan informers to prevent repraisal attacks, but Assange said "Fuck em they are American collaborators so they deserve to die", the journalists though "Jesus this guy doesn't live in the real world. ..They managed to talk him around, but still later had heaps of problems with his behaviour ..
- Nick davies "I've never met anyone as dishonest as Julian Asange" Oz Newspaper quotes the story
- "You can't trust All big media as systematically it becomes corrupt", said Julian Assange ... Yet his very next step was a corrupt step originating from his new power

- Wow, Assange is like a dictator saying "shoot who criticise me" .. can you imagine the secrecy & terror if he was directing the Afghan war

- Maybe there is a super injunction to stop prejudice of the Assange hearing as no UK sites are discussing the More4 Wikileaks doco ... no 3 days after the doco ..the court said he could appeal again

- Or maybe Wikileaks have turned into the bullying machine not accepting of criticism that they accuse "the Americans" of being so everyone is afraid of Wikileaks friends hacking them

- Only 1 Irish journalist covered the prog : Is the cult of Assange coming to an end?

Deaths in Afghan War actually save future lives
Michael Mosley on BBC2."Frontline Medicine: Rebuilding Lives"
..positive progress news on bionics and limb transplants

- Afghan war management might be a FU, but Yes, science is about progress limb & face transplants, bionics

- BBCTV doco, Troop trauma & brain injuries in Afghanistan cause medical advances to save many future lives Excited about science The Afghan war management might be a FU, but the medical innovation coming out of it is inspiring, limb & face transplants, bionics. This is what science is about progress solutions, moving forward,

Furedi answers back conspiracy theories

- Furedi answers back conspiracy theories

- Conspiracy theories - yep surprise parties are conspiracies, but grand conspiracies are bollocks ..if the Whitehouse can't keep a blowjob secret how can a conspiracy involving 10,000 people be secret

debunk Olympic & Titanic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy
- Comments for the Debunk book are much more convincing than for the conspiracy book

Linda Carty doco misleading
State of Texas what would you do if a Texan is put on trial abroad with a lawyer so incompetetant he fails to notify the US Embassy
- Justice should be fair, but why did the C4 doco on Linda Carty mislead, pdf on Reprieve.org.uk web shows conviction for car theft impersonating FBI officer

BBCr4 All in The Mind ..Good techniques

- Effective tips to reduce noshows : clinics & health professionals listen to #BBCr4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b017mszy #NHS dentists UK clinics doctors
- things like you get the patient to write down on the card the time of next apt ..don't give it to them prewritten

#BBCr4 Mind Myths every pop science idea of brain is BS :10%, left=art, mozart etc. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b016wzs9

C4 That Charlie Brooker drama was boring
- cos based on false premise. Claims were made it's satire like The Tick Of It, or Yes Minister.. no those progs were convincing and not dependent on the viewer suspending belief in so many aspects of reality..Ben Elton's writing is much better

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