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Fuel Poverty deaths news : suspect data

- Another claim was Fuel poverty 'will claim 2700 victims this winter' from The Guardian
- The story is contradicted by a straightstatistics.org blog
- So I say Fuel poverty kills ? 88% of pensioners getting Cold Winter fuel "vote4us bribe" are not fuel poor & anyway Mortality link is tenuous.

- if it was true fuel poverty kills
1. then since energy cost is mostly tax, it would probably cos the gov £100 to give pensioners a £400 fuel voucher .. so do it
- 2. #DECC #ukgov says if #climate hotter outside people will die so is deliberately raised heating costs, result : people dying cos it's too cold inside
- #DECC #ukgov #climate policy raised energy taxes to stop it getting hotter outside, result : it kills 2700 people/year from cold inside archbishop accues IPCC of dogma

- straightstatistics.org even more emphatic update

- It's a strange world..we know "insulation is not at the level it could easily be " so why all these salesmen telephoning us to switch energy co instead of insulation installers,
- It's doubly perverse people are trying to flog solar panels, when £1 spent on insulation saves far more CO2 that spent on solar.

- Update - BBC prog went into how the Cold Winter fuel "vote4us bribe" started when there was a backlash when the gov trying to control spending increased pensions by 75p only. Since then it was regularly increased, and pre-election David Cameron stood up in front of a load of pensioners and said it would never be taken away.
- Similarly everytime gov tries to close a hospital on legitimate grounds they back down due to "pork barrel" politics and waste money.

- Similar story : Homecare Crisis ? No evidence

Catholic Archbishop of Australia speaks against warmism

- Catholic Archbishop of Australia speaks against warmism - "Sometimes the very learned and clever can be brilliantly foolish, especially when seized by an apparently good cause
Be prudent with climate claims in the theaustralian.com"


- Tobin tax - Imposing a Tobin tax on financial transactions to stop poverty, is like imposing contols on thinking to stop hatespeak

- "I work in management"
- "oh what kind.. ?"
- "I manage the household"

- illusioneering.org magic for science teachers

- interactive chart shows peaceful world

- an amazing pleasure garden created 250 years ago but left abandoned for 40 years after the war BBC Radio on Painshill Park

BBCr4 Material World

- Airship expert said we should switch to hydrogen , cos it has twice of lifting power of helium and it's not really dangerous .. He turns out to be WRONG .. It has half the mass but a bubble of hydrogen is not at big therefore it doesn't displace twice as much oxygen and so doesn't have have twice the lift. It lifts 15% more so perhaps worth sticking with absolutely safe helium.
- But his idea of having the airships always an altitude, and passengers taking a shuttle or elevator to it.

- excellent report on the perspective of risk on BBCr4 Material World

- I checked their data they are right about the miniscule risk of the dangers, but banana radiation anology has problems

- Non-organic food in the UK gives zero cases of pesticide poisoning. The gave the example of someone who eats organic to avoid cancer yet drinks coffee .. which is a proven carcinogen, whereas all other non-organic foods aren't .

Which produces the least CO2 a natural gas car or an electric car

- when the original electricity is generated at a gas power station ? bearing in mind the new Blackpool gas field
- I asked in NS forum
- My guess is gas is better cos you don't see electric buses
- there were no satisfactory replies so I conclude gas is better cos if electric was in any way better some Eco-nut would have made that argument

BBC DQF Public Consultation form Swizz
- The BBC DQF Public Consultation form is a swizz. There's no way BBC can process the 6 paragraphs/person. If it was 80 yes /no questions then they could collect the answers automatically.

- It seems to me they must have already decided the public's response. What's the point in filling in the required 6 paragraphs, when there is no evidence they have any capability to process the data ? form

Gov might be encouraging strike to save wage costs
- If you are a gov trying to save money, encourage civil servants to strike & save a days salaries

Nick Robinson Your Money and How They Spend It
- Interesting fact in this Nick Robinson doc: cut in government university funding roughly equals the amount spent on winter fuel allowance. (given to all pensioners even millionaires 88% of them don't need it)

- What about wars ? - it was strange he didn't mention the cost of them, nor go into bank rescue finances .. which is complex & not as much as people think but still significant
- I checked defence is 8% of government. Thats not much as pensions cost 3 times more.

- What about Death duties ? - government could raise them surely ..currently raises £3bn/year

Total Govt Spending in 2010 £703.4 billion
(of which Pensions/benefits £129.3 billion)
Breakdown :
£67bn State Pensions,
£21bn Housing Benefit
£19Bn to disability
£10Bn income support + dole

- This contradicts most peoples view that it's dole scroungers who get all the money, maybe their Housing Benefit is twice that , but Pensions cost more than all other benfits combined at more than 50% of benefit total

Other Gov Spending 2009
Health Care £123.8 billion
Education £93.3 billion
Defence £47.2 billion

Main Govt Income
£62bn duties
£24bn rates
£25bn Council tax
£84bn VAT
£105bn National Insurance
£155bn Income Tax

..what about North Sea oil revenue ? only £7bn , but what about fuel taxes ?
fuel duty £26bn Petrol revenue is £2.7bn (both included in duties above)
- So Oil energy revenues are at least £36bn, but it's not like Saudi. The UK should have invested in the oil boom times to provide a revenue for today like Kuwait does.

Does the government exploit the middle
No It's the top people who pay most tax

- 1% of people earn more than £119K they pay 27% of all tax
top 10% pay 53% of all tax

- 60% of people get more than they pay in the top 10% pay 5x more in than they get out

- every person pays about £5k in those 3 the main taxes

- Prog said on average we pay £7k tax and take £11K in services, £2k of that is pensions

- Britons like greeks want 5 star service on 2 star taxes

Is it fair to bash the banks ?

- 2010 the financial sector as a whole made a Total Tax Contribution of £53.4 billion, which is 11.2% of total government tax receipts".

..yes http://www.landvaluetax.org/ makes a lot of sense

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