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3 Items on BBC WM on Inside Out
- http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0071mv2
Stoke Housing Re-Development FU - Coucil had to decide to repair a Coronation Street like suburb.
- 1. Can't count - The repair option report said it would add £11m to the value of the houses. Instead of setting this off the costs the accountant added it on..making it seem expensive.#
- By the time of the 2006 inquiry the error had been realised, but the decision was made to proceed with a 15 year demolish & redevelop plan.
- Residents reckon they got a raw deal, being moved out of houses they were happy with into worse alternatives. Now that the suburb is 50% full of half demolished pockets, the new gov has stopped the financing. So the other residdents are left living in an area like the Bronx
- what a FU

- Good piece about the secret crypt under the Coventry Cathedral ruins and stained glass masterpiece they still have stored from before the war.


- Childrens entertainment TV continues to be better than adult : Wow 160% better than any other dance group A group of black guys called Flawless performing on the Slammer today on CBBC

- "Confessions of an Undercover Cop" Channel 4 : when things are Russian doll : you can't take anything at face value

- BBC Doco Double Agent: the Eddie Chapman Story : this guys life is even more incredible than any film, although you can imagine David Niven portraying him

Truth about Steve Jobs not Fawning Worship

- I never consider listening to a Steve Jobs doco cos expect to be fawning worship , but BBC showed devious side & all

- after MS copied Apple ..Apple copied MS biz model, not hippy anymore, secrecy crazy

- People have short term rose tinted glasses : "Apple projects are magic", no thats why MS Windows won it was easier to use than Apple, (even tho ull of errors etc)

#altmed killed #SteveJobs @56, early real medicine works, but he delayed it in favour of alternative medicine woo
- http://www.thetotalcollapse.com/steve-jobs-might-have-killed-himself
- http://www.bulletproofexec.com/steve-jobs-dr-dean-ornish-and-vegetarian-cancer/

Interesting economist DAVID ROCHE

on BBC Biz sounded like he knows what he's talking about (President and Global Strategist at Independent Strategy, really sounded like he a good expert)

Gamarjobat hilarious Japananese mime on the Slammer
- The Variety act show the Slammer is far too good restrict too kids
- Gamarjobat on BBC kids show Slammer hilarious Japananese mime duo surely the best in world other 3 acts were fantastic

- other 3 acts were fantastic : Blackroom Jackson, Attila Endresz unicycle bloke, Russian Bar ...full listing en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Slammer_(series_two video

Liddles words hardly likely to influence correctly instructed jury

- Read Rod Liddles blog contempt ? : hardly, I checked it. He mentioned his opinion that other accused in the same case had been overharshly punished in a minor incident cos the murder charge hadn't stuck before.

- Maybe implied that the accused in cause celebre anti-racism cases might get sentences way out of step with the crime, jurors only make decisions on court evidence so his opinion wud not have influence.

- hardly likely to influence correctly instructed jury. Maybe judge was afraid other press might be more inflammatory so he decided to set a line?


- idea - Cut 2 news shows to into 1 : 1pm sports news banter on R5 + WATO on R4 then 1.30pm WATO part 2 on R5

- Interesting idea on BBCr4 Fourthought : ifwerantheworld.com

- BBC Inside Out Alex Dolan asks if our weather is changing.
- prog was not the outrageous propaganda I expected
Over the past year records have been set for cold, drought and heat. Is this the first sign that our weather is becoming more extreme? ..seemed to conclude not enough data to say weather is changing

We Need To Talk About Dad Channel 4

- Wife welcomes husband back after axe attack due to temporary psychotic episode, he had an inexplicable sudden plan to kill his wife

- Maybe temporary psychotic episode triggered by the recent death of his father, but he won't talk about it
- Guardian

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