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Victory 4 Rationality : Regulator bans homeopathic ads
- Boots pharmacy had instore ads listing use of homeopathic products, but Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency banned them a claims unproven

Does TV Advertising Work Why
- Yes sometime the reason for an ad is to promote a belief in a quality of the brand e.g. ethical or enviromental, but they don't work either as it's too easy to lie. - I buy things cos I need them, cos cos I am brainwashed by an ad. The only way they'd work would be to interest me in a product I never thought of buying : skydiving or visiting a particular country etc. ..but then I'd still research properly before buying. And they'd be better off getting their product into the programme. - Those irritating comparison website ads are so memorable I don't forget the names that I am boycotting.. wouldn't buy from them even if they were 10% cheaper - TV advertising isn't free we pay for the cost when we buy the product - Since I've never bought something cos of an Internet advert either. I'm convinced Googles profit is fictitious. - On Facebook the right of my screen is always filled with ads saying "Girls in your area want to meet you"..yeh right I wouldn't even think of clicking. - My advice for selling : it would be more important to get it into product review sites or onto TV programmes ......... better still give me a discount coupon and I might try your product !

Printing : why didn't it happen earlier ?

- From watching Mark Williams on Industial Revelations

- I don't know why printing took so long to start in Europe yes they didn't have paper. The Romans wrote on clay tablets, but it would have ben easy to pour molten metal over them, and therefore make a printing block you could use again and again on clay.. they had seals this way

.. coins are printing - UK 150BC inscriptions found on British coins in Roman letters. There you go that's the UK's earliest writing and earliest printing.

- Copies of Greek coins in France a little bit earlier had some Greek letters

- The earliest ever coins/printing : Lydian Turkey coins had letters on 2700 years ago


good point for #occupyLSX on MoralMaze #BBCr4 banking crisis originated from social reform, when Clinton made banks give mortgages to t poor

- ‎#nov9 good comment on BBC5live : working class have been subsidising middle classes university education for years

- imposing a Tobin tax on financial transactions to stop poverty is like imposing contols on thinking to stop hatespeak #occupylsx #economics

Unbelievable that Trick or Treating in UK now
- When I was a kid Trick or Treating was a thing only on US TV progs and now it appears to have taken over in the UK now . That's appalling cultural imperialism we never had Halloween cos kids were building their guys ready for "Penny for Guy" and Bonfire night. And anyway it's not Trick or Treating , cos having a trick would be nasty so it's just treating ..ie giving the kids that you can get something for nothing.
- UK work ethic replaced by something for nothing culture

Children in need
- telethons are not ethical or democratic, paying tax is.
- There shouldn't be a BBC-CIN cos there shouldn't be be any children being in need when we have the tax & government to fix it anyway.

- Irritating "banging-on" is another issue :CIN is just intrusive advertising on BBC However I think the BBC are handling it better than they used to : by containing CIN to one night of BBC1 and 2 weeks of built up slots on popular progs and with all the alternative choices available these days people can escape all the banging on.

- I prefer the go to provide all service, cos charity is not equal .. you end up with some areas better than other, it's undemocratic cos some groups get more than others.

- Businessman who has paid more than £280m tax says he prefers his charities cos he makes them efficient ... that's a point.
- but I counter with instead of running his charities he should get involved in goverment and make it more efficient,

- In the States it's often the case that by simply switching off for 12 hours, TV networks would raise more money than their telethons.
Here in the UK where ad revenue and costs have both droppped that's not the case with the BBC spending about £10m/day and ITV £6m/day.
- If funds for children were the main issue the BBC could probably replace all those CIN promo slots in progs like the One Show and Countryfile (Calendar plugs) & the Friday with commercial adverts and raise a lot more money.

- very little similar views on the net except sometimes disabled people e.g. this forum They give many reasons why e.g. they want to be given equal opportunity not charity Someone else doesn't like it

- do we give cos we care ? ...or cos of some wild stunt ?

Interesting MSE Tips

: Skint : Do I need it ? Will I use it ? Is it worth it ?


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