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Ideas like : Could Humber Bridge be sold off timeshare style

Radio 4 plus Brain radio ..who needs university ..radio that makes you think
need to redesign radio webpage
1- supermarket noticeboards ... need rethinking *** see secret blog
2 - timeshare the Humberbridge ..maybe companies could sponsor the day and charge reduced tools and give their own pubicity and parties etc .. but tolls raise £60,000 per day thats too big to compare to an advert surely ..

- 4. Could Humber Bridge be sold off timeshare style
- 2009 21.7m revenue .=£60K per day
- costs
- op costs £3.5m 10K per day ...seems a lot ? the 2 severn crossings running costs are £15m BBC
- maintenance £3m it
- pension £0.2m
- total running costs £20K per day
- loan interest 14m (4% of total , but agreed rate before subsidy is 7.75%)
- does something funny by contributing 5m to a maintenance fund and taking 3m out so overall 2m surplus)
- interest costs $14m/year= £40K/day without cost of collecting tolls ..total debt is 360m
- couldn't the gov pay off the £360m and then issue a new loan at 2% interest rate coting £20K/day ie they could cut the toll

Market research companies could operate a free lane for people willing to spend 10 minutes filling in their form.

4 - Greeks i. hey Mr Average Greek does the amount you pay in tax really cover free schools, hospitals and pensions etc ? no it does so cut or pay ii. but 2nd part the Euro family does owe something to Greece. Yes Greek governments have over borrowed, but if they had kept the Drachma they would have borred in Drachma so 20Bn Drachma debt would have been say $10Bn but over time the Drachma could have devalued to make the debt $5Bn stuck with the Euro a €20bn debt stays $22bn

Why the hell are we considering spending billions on carbon capture when natural pools emit millions of tonnes ..wouldn't it be far more cost effective to do the simple job of covering them up ?
.. Remember that I walked across Italy; one of the strange things I passed was pools of natural water which emit CO2. Hang on a moment we are considering expensive and complex plans to capture and store manmade CO2 .. surely it would be more cost effective to first cover up these natural pools ? or is their production really tiny ?

... the Lake Nyos event emmitted 2 million tonnes in one day ..What are the annual figures for all natural carbon dioxide springs ?
- This page http://www.personal.psu.edu/fth/Yellowstone-Italy-CO2.html (credibility ??) claims Yellowstone Park emits as much as 10 power stations per year (44 million tonnes) ..most other sources I found lump the springs in with volcanoes, but what is the real figure alone ?
- The mantra is that manmade CO2 dwarves volcanic CO2, but surely if putting a lid on a pool is easy it's worth considering.
- The one I passed is Il Bagno in Gambassi Terme
- Some CO2 comes from directly from natural carbon dioxide springs, where it is produced by the action of acidified water on limestone or dolomite.


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