Stott and Lawson lecture pleads for sanity in Climate Panic
: 2007 conservative Party Conference
Intro - My notes from listening to the Audio

Stott and Lawson had to speak at a fringe meeting not the main conference at the 2007 conservative Party Conference

- sound recording is awful

Stott's speech : Very powerful speech manages to say a lot in a short time.

- Stott is more anti CC than normal, but maybe normally he's constrained cos on he's on the BBC

1. conservatives fallen for idea we can micromanage and control climate predictabley
3. against CP principles
3. politically serious
4. socialist elephant trap - anti all capitalism
5. Dangerous talk
6. change is norm
7. change is faster ? rubbish
8. 1690s -1730s 3C change
9. global cooling was the perceived problem on first Earth day 1973
10. Grand narrative like Marxism, ie you assume your theory is true and make your calculations from their.
11. Consensus would have meant eugenics
12. Don't close down debate ! always question
13. climate most complex system ever. The idea we can control it by one factor is ridiculous.
14. Of course climate changes
15. course we effect it in many ways
16. especially albedo - landscape
17. Can we manage climate predictabley - NO
18. his point is you spend trillions you don't know what you'll get
19. it could be worse
20. it will change anyway
21. enterprise helps adapt
22. helps poor /rich
23. proposed policies will damage growth and therefore adaptability
24. real problem is lack of energy
25 alternative won't cut it
26. hippy ideas won't do any good
27. see whole environment
28. UK so small what we do has zero effect
29. light bulb mercury - (I understand mercury is a very tiny amount, wonder what true cost is if include safe disposal ?)
30. biofuels are problematic
31. The poltics are dangerous
"We don't need to be Sustainable. We need to be adaptable" cos things don't stay the same.

Nigel Lawson - "Gripped by madness" Speech at conservative Party Conference
"I cannot believe that my party and the whole of British politics have been gripped by this madness !"- Nigel Lawson - Long time Cabinet Minister. He's not stupid and doesn't sound senile.

- climate measuring stations are in urban areas

- IPCC doesn't explain why no temperature rise 1940-75

- hockey stick used to feature in IPCC reports, this shows how uncredible they are

Global warming has stopped : Hadleigh Centre in Nature Magazine 2007 - admitted no warming this century, They didn't predict this 2009 will resume

- man can adapt can live 5C to 27C see Helsinki and Singapore

- IPCC economic model is crap - shows no adaptive capacity - no better technology

- Kyoto is Crap - We can't have sanctions so can't enforce limits

- Uk pledged made a law 2050 cut by 60%. The only country, yes only one stupid enough

- Stern crazy, but UK government has policy “In order to manage risk, you must scare people”

- 1. We should admit we are uncertain
2. we can adapt
3. we can help 3rd world adapt

- sees thinking will put brakes on capitalism and development, which has proved to better for the world (when there is a hurricane few die in the US, but many die in Bangladesh cos it's poor)

"It could not be a worse time to abandon our own traditions of reason and tolerance, and to embrace instead the irrationality and intolerance of ecofundamentalism, where reasoned questioning of its mantras is regarded as a form of blasphemy. "There is no greater threat to the people of this planet than the retreat from reason we see all around us today."

In reply to questions

- setting targets that we can never achieve
- Dr Swensmark Director of Climate Research The Danish Space Centre Denmark Climate scientist said CO2 minor to warming anyway
- rheoteric is very dangerous
- One super volcano goes off end of story. As it would alter the chemical numbers and climate, not fatally though .

- sees many danger is this Ecofundamentalism that has arisen
- It's replacing protestantism as a religion. We like to blame ourselves for things.
- Stotts warns about environmental correspondents who have replaced science journalists, they have become to believe so passionately now they are like priests so won't print criticisms.

Lawson on "scaremongering" Stern Report, - nothing new battery of essentially spurious - statistics based on theoretical models and conjectural worst cases.
- This is clearly no basis for policy decisions which could have the most profound adverse effect on people’s lives, and at a cost which Stern almost certainly underestimates.

November 2007 a Stew Green Opinion

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