The International Political Climate Circus

The media are always banging on about the latest climate story, but again and again when I check things the latest proof turns out not to stack up. I started to realise it's a bit like a big circus show with all the tricks and illusions and of course lots of clowns.
... so I drew some cartoons -

Obviously I am no artist but I hope you get the ideas .. page 2

IPCC circus
1- The Exciting Warm-up Show

Featuring a happy crowd with the BBC correspondent banging his big drum and the Oz ABC blowing the big trumpet,
both wearing their dog collar top indicate their preaching.

IPCC circus
2- The Clowns Funny Sketches :The Intro
Tell people the truth ? No you have to hype it up
and throw logic out of the Window .. There is no much bad logic in IPCC thinking

The Show begins with
3- The Political Strongmen Twisting the facts to fit the hypothesis
4 - Answer the Hecklers
what do you say about scientists who criticise ?

NEXT A fabulous impossible Illusion
5 - The Average Annual Temperature Trick


lets take some temp data - Lets take all the data for the whole world, for 365.25 days
lets pretend we can average it and get an average temperature for the whole world for a year.

6 - Magic with Graphs

MORE MAGIC Making a Hockey Stick

- lets cut off prehistory times, which were hotter
- lets smooth out the anomlies
- lets put in a bit of extrapolation
- say the magic words oh my God oh my God !
- voila --- hey what about the MWP
Boo boo -Shut up Stott

7 - The Jugglers - juggling with the stats

8 - Daffo the CO2 Tamer
co2 taming
just throw more money at it


10 - Carbon Credits out of thin air

Bavia Booms

11 - Don't worry one Clown can restore a steady temperature

I didn't include all of the acts that you can see :

- like the illusionist :sawing a forest in half

- other master illusionist : who with the art of distraction get you to look at Melting North Pole istead of looking at the ice piling up at the South Pole.

- The Money Canon - Western governments filling a canon with money and firing it a bunch of Chinese business men sitting in the front row. Indeed the Chinese have been enjoying the show for quite some time.

- There was a highwire act featuring a scientist who tried to go out on his own he walked along the highwire, but the clowns kept throwing marshmalllows and the BBC cheer leader kept distracting him by banging his drum. he lost his footing and fell to Earth without his research grant.

- The clowns Argument car - that falls apart whenever you take a close look at it

- The Contortionist politicians were there it's amazing what they do the managed to make bigger and bigger promises without actually doing anything at all

- Kyoto Limbo dancing going lower and lower I'm sure I saw Merkel knock the bar off they all knocked the bar off or cheated.

IPCC Cartoons Page 2
- cartoon of anti-capitalist clowns hijacking the green movement etc