Why learn English ? ................. More opportunity, more life !
Now February 2013 in Girne, TRNC Cyprus
I have taught English in 8 countries

A special lecture in Brazil
Stewart Green at the Mine in Chile
Stewart Green at the Mine in Chile

Stewgreen teaching in korea photo,
Stewgreen teaching in korea
Stewgreen cutting rice in  Korea
Stewgreen cutting rice in Korea

In a gold mine in Mexico
OZEL DERS : Special ADVANCED Classes for YOU

CONVENIENT : I come to you at YOUR house or YOUR job (office, factory etc.)

SAVE TIME : The program is designed in a flexible way. I specialise in coming up with individual strategy plans
- Your English practice activity : FREE / Teacher time : 25TL per hour

e.g.1 : 100TL : 10 hour Flexible Study Program
8 hours English practice activity * WHEN you choose / WHERE you choose.... 0TL reading, writing, listening, watching TV
+ 2 hours of classes with the teacher = 4 x 25TL, *  2 hours preparation + 2 hours teaching = 4 x 25TL checking the work and interaction with a native speaker.

e.g.2 : 100TL : 2 hours of Conversation Club for 5 workers * Monday and Thursday 1 hour preparation + 1 hour Conversation Club = 4 x 25TL

just call me Tel : (+90) 54 8899 2895
or email me Cyprus@stewgreen.com
or Through Facebook

PRICE - 1 hour introduction class 100% FREE

Then we make a custom plan and decide the price.
Custom plan = Custom price , the price will depend on each situation.

NO EXTRA charges
(No Registration Fee, No Exam Fee, No Certificate Fee etc.)

NATURAL With a Native Speaker
For me English is not like maths it is more like art.
- So NO Grammar, Grammar, Grammar
- A bad technique is to try to analyse English into 20,000 Grammar Rules & then then try memorise all 20,000 rules.
It is easier and more effective to learn English Naturally.

I am Cyprus offering consultancy help in English learning / Travel and Internet
And Yes I teach ONLINE also

Degree in Electrical Engineering : EXPERIENCE in the Steel Industry, management, market research strategies, TV/movies, concerts & festivals, UK supermarket industry
Africa 1992 worked in the hotels and owned a plastics company
Agriculture in Australia, New Zealand & Korea with brasicas, apples, pears, peaches, rice etc. milked a cow ..milked a goat
Internet Expert I have done programming and worked in internet since 1995 : websites technical support & internet advice etc.

Past special English Programs
Japan 1992 : cultural programs , tour guide training
Brazil 1998 : General English, Chile teaching mine engineers, managers & doctors
Mexico 2002 : accountants, factory managers etc.
Panama 2003 : Teaching students to work for Dell Computers technical support
Korea 2004 : Teaching doctors

- Mersin English Conversation Club so local people have a real enviroment to practice their English and interact with foreigner visitors.
When ? usually Thursday at 6.30pm .. Sunday 1pm FREE
Where ?
Details on Facebook : Mersin English Conversation Club

TEMEL İngilizce Ozel Ders

At The school in Italy

At The school in Switzerland


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Mersin Ads

CELLPHONE REPAIR ..This guy Yasin got my phone working even though it had been in the water for 20 minutes, so I really recommend him.
- His shop Aydinlikevler GSM is in Pozcu near the education department building on the main street. (Go across the road to the small street behind, Aydinlikevler Mh 2001)
- Yasin 0544 590 3066

SPECIAL RESTAURANT - Near the university main campus in the centre of the old Ciftlikkoy village. Caglar Otantuk is built like the. FLINTSTONES and haS a small zoo and local museum.
... and it's not expensive : Pide and Lahmacun are 5TL

CERTIFIED TRANSLATION IN Cyprus : Mr Atilla Avcioglu runs a translation agency and works with all the main languages English, German, Arabic, Farsi etc.
info@tercume.com (+90)532 274 7782

YOUR ITALIAN CONNECTION IN Cyprus : Mr Onur Guvercin helps Italian & Turkish companies do business together.
OnurGuvercin33@hotmail.com +90 554 840 4871

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