Notes on emailing large files.

Think before you attach !

When you send a plain email it's usually a small file, so it only takes up a little space on your computer and it sends quickly.

Likewise the receiver receives it quickly and it doesn't clog up disc space.

Have you ever waited ages for your email to come, because someone has sent you a large attachment which you dont need anyway ?

It can be a particular pain especially if you have a slow connection.

So what can you do ?

FTP the files to a web library. This particularly good if you want to make the files available to a number of people.

Instead of emailing the files to every person, just drop them an email saying "look at"

Then they don't waste time waiting for large emails they just grab the files if they want. (Don't forget to save the files with a password if they're confidential).

How to FTP - download an FTP program from the web, like WS-FTP - put in the borderlands directory address and password then drag and drop.

You might want to consider compressing the files first.


Save as .jpg it's the most efficient format. If the file is bigger than 100K then it's too big to be seen on a screen. (select the save resolution as 72dpi, more if it's to be printed)


Save as .gif it's the most efficient format if it has less than 256 different colours. (select the save resolution as 72dpi maximum)


1. Save as html

Simple Word areunnecessarily large. When you save select saves as html.

OR if the documents are complex

2. Compress the files (if Winzip is on your PC just select all the files and right mouse click then select add to zip). Attach the zip file to your email. When they receive it they can unzip it by clicking it, but not everyone has Winzip. (there's no need to conpress gif, jpg, mpg, pdf or html files as they are already compressed formats)

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