Cherish the good : Dedicated to promoting the good things in life in the same way people promote money making sites.

In an ideal world people would tell us only about the really great things , but World of Dross

We live in a commercial world where commercial pressure means new stuff has to be continually pushed at us . So unfortunately in these dark ages there is so much falseness and things not worth promoting.
We live in the dark ages and the world's cities are cultural deserts.

Other pressures - vested interests : Established organisations like religions don't like to be challenged

we don't like to admit we are wrong or even different "Oh, I like X as well, but I didn't want say anything cos it's not cool"

People that Inspire : come up with something new
  • Edward de De Bono
  • Douglas Adams
  • Radio 4
  • Ben Elton
  • Bill Hicks
  • "Reg Catermole Stole mi Pig" : showed me we could look at things from a different perspective.
  • Martin Kelner introduced me to things like Bill Hicks, that I might otherwise have not found.
  • Writers like Shakespeare: showed me other worlds.
    See list of favourite authors
  • Tom Sharpe
  • Roald Dahl
  • Paul Theroux
  • David Lodge
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Kurt Vonnegut Junior


  • James Randi - crusading Skeptic
  • Ian plimer top Oz skeptic very impressive geologist + talker


  • Edison - cos he exploited others and claimed the credit for their inventions still a genius probably
  • patriots - patriotism is a bad thing - putting something first means, putting something else second, but humabs should be all equal
  • the religious - even if they have good actions themselves they lend credibility to the idea of religion, which is then exploited by nutcases.

  • The Beards / Dairy Brothers My pages Beards & Dairy Brothers and The Hoot
    click to Download Soursob Bob tracks the legendary Adelaide : Cynical Comedy Folk Singer
  • Panda Head Curry their Album is really good it tells one a lot about Modern day culture in Malaysia and in a funny way. my page explains , more about KL Bands like Funny Singer Rafique Rashid
  • Peter Gabriel for writing for caring Biko,
  • Tom Robinson for supporting minorities, Mark
  • Mark Knopler for raising the emotion,
  • Jerry Lee Lewis/ Bill Haily for the energy,
  • The Sex Pistols for the intelligence
  • Hill Billy Hoot in Adelaide, community music for the people

Is this Land your land ?, Is this land is my land ? .. no .. now it belongs to The Big Land Company

Satirical Comedy - Ties in books, radio, drama and thinking

see page about science and skepticism

The Best Things in Life Don't believe those freemarketeers who tell you that the best things are the ones that make the most money !
  • 18 Plus
  • Playing stupid card games
see hobbies


  • I was there when the Beards played the Grace Emily and when they played the Prince Albert
  • I was there when the Dairy Brothers played the big gig

Things that suck
  • Restaurants - way overated. They are mostly crap .. Look I can just unpeel a banana and it's great food. Open the cupnoard I can make a decent meal in 10 minutes and another 10 miutes later itís gone
  • beer
  • Hollywood movies
  • Newspapers - waste of time read a book instead
  • Sport on TV
  • Jazz
  • Almost anything that's popular (that's sold) - one can't underestimate the taste of the public
  • Advertising - Get out of my face - If I want something I'll look for it
  • Most things in the shops, most books, music all the time commercialism is pushing things at to make money : Why read Harry Potter when you can read Terry Pratchet

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PANIC ! Fossil fuels may run out in 300 years time - Ice methane deposits are only 10 times the size of all the hydrocarbons ever used by man