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Long Journey of ideas
- when I start off writing everything begins simple, but then one idea l opens up in to another, then another etc. It's a real journey and time gets sucked away..and yesterday ..it led to me spotting a big error in Wikipedia and I have to tell them to fix it...so even more time ...but a better undersatnding
- So it is like travel, where before you have a simple view of a country and then when you go there you get a broader appreciation of it and thet is more complex thean you first thought

Stroke is an auto-immune problem also
- stroke is immune system attacking the body - most stroke damage is not caused by a blood clot, but rather the immune sends a poison to that area which kills many more cells. .. BBC The life Scientific

Other Myths Busted

- MYTH idea that water droplets can magnify sun light on plants and cause burn damage. The optics don't work that way.
Telegraph Garden Dept Debunked it in 2012
Telegraph SCIENCE Dept Debunked it already in 2010

- Body hair : we actually have more body hair than other apes, but ours is so light.. and our cooling makes us better runners

ABC Laughs at Science Outsiders,
- when science itself is usually wrong

- The ABC show had an item about Science outsiders
- They called it Why listen to weird ideas?
- The ideology here is sad. 2 problems : It mocks people for being wrong and encourages over faith in "ivory tower science"
- Science is not about being RIGHT, it is actually about trying to prove you are WRONG. When your theory stands up to all your attempts to prove it wrong then that is good science.
- It is vital that people/scientists have the right to be WRONG and we shouldn't mock them for it. If we do we are discouraging the scientific process.
- Secondly there is a danger of absolute trust in ivory towers. It's not the outsiders are correct, its' that there are quite occasionally occasions when the insiders are WRONG. Science has made major errors in the past; like saying X-raying pregnant women is OK. - (yes the outsider who disproves accepted science may be tiny tiny, but it was disappointing her research didn't mention one. OK she only talks about theoretical physics.)

- The thing is published science is often wrong , perhaps the majority of the time (90% for medical papers) , so sometimes it will be an outsider who points out it is wrong.


IDEA : phone pocket in the sleeve of your jacket so you just talk into your wrist - We should have a phrasebook phrasebook wiki - there is one on hitch-wiki

why Is it called Realty when it is all about fantasy ?
- I made that one up this morning ..how selling property (American's call it the Realty business) is all about creating dreams (often fake) to believe in, so they can sell people expensive property.

- Maybe I could call myself a Reality consultant

some good stuff on Penn

- Penn Jillette Has a New podcast Penn's Sunday School

- He interviewed Teller .. his talking very intellectual very quiet.

- the supreme court lawyer guy ..very intersting

- Randi gave a great explanation of dowsing.. How if you know where something is ..you give it away in your movements. So on self directs the rods. But when you put your hand on the back if someone who knows ..you can work out where it is

- The Penn progs are not always good a bit mixed and unpredictable. It's refereshingly honest he's always talking about hookers or visiting strip clubs, and the same time as being anti-alcohol. BUT Some are real boring like the comedian was boring, but the Christian country singer was quite funny.

Penn & Teller talk rubbish about Gun Control
- Penn and Teller have a prog about gun control : Terrible arguing that need guns to be able to overthrow govt.
- but that is never going to happen so it's a ridiculous argument

- and argue lives are saved cos we have guns..we don't get robbed
- just removing the accidents and suicides makes it worth it
..well US would be far safer than other countries ! we have so many more mass shootings in the UK than the US ? no nothing like
OK Switz has more guns and lower crime
- article about proper studies http://fabiusmaximus.com/2013/01/23/guns-safety-48182/
- good charts : http://www.businessinsider.com/shooting-gun-laws-2012-12
-show USA up in one corner with high rate of gun ownership and high gun deaths

Camera is Better Than A Gun
1913 Don't be naughty God is watching you
2013 Don't be naughty CAMERAPHONE is watching you

- Today when I was in the park toilets kids on an out of control school trip dared each other to throw stones in through the window. When I came out they were giggling until they saw my phone was on videoing them. Situation controlled without having to escalate it . And now the kids learnt where the limit of what they can get away with is.




- http://www.quadrant.org.au/blogs/doomed-planet/2010/01/discovering-maurice-strong maurice-strong connects China to climate panic hype


There is a task rabbit interview ..CLICK should cover

- Mafia wars in Limassol ?

- Fiagnosis VR game. for training doctors

Eastern Cyprus Walking Group Fortnightly rambles TUESDAYS around Eastern Cyprus with a friendly group http://www.ecwalking.com/index.htm that is an excuse for them to give their ..wheres this txt from ?

- I would like to learn Romani ..is a difficult language to learn because it exists in many dialects and it is not taught in universities or language schools. Roma Language http://kopachi.com/articles/the-romani-language-by-ronald-lee/

- Housitting Website : Has projects but $50 6 months

- Indian website http://www.ipaidabribe.com/

- http://notrickszone.com/2013/04/04/climate-science-humiliated-earlier-model-prognoses-of-warmer-winters-now-todays-laughingstocks/

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