4 Good Podcasts 25/4/2013
- The Useful Info Blog
Best of This Week
- Penn Jillette radio show (finished in 2007) archive was pretty good ..intervews with magicians, South Park etc

- Rationally Speaking podcasts was not very god :
- 59 Simulation Hypothesis ..idea that we are not in a real world but an experiment BORING
- Crowdsourcing and the Wisdom of Crowds DULL
- Samuel Arbesman On The Half-Life of Facts

- Poddelusion QED - a few things : exposed aplha -course propaganda script has lies in it, recommends we go in order to make the other people think sharks can't get cancer Myth

Phill Plait So bad at debating, he gets beaten by a Moon Landing Hoax guy
- Also on the Penn Jillette show Joe Rogan was able to counter all of Plait's arguments
- Youtube : "Phil Plait destroyed in Moon Hoax Debate!"

- Interesting idea that website : Skeptic of skeptics debunkingskeptics.com

- Also on Penn : Jessica Hagy does funny Venn diagram's as heard on the 2007 Penn Radio show - classic from her blog - some of the best

Data Trumpeted "high gov debt stops growth"
Top Economists proved RESTRAINT Guaranteed to work
...but WRONG data !
- politicians quoted the study again and again as PROVING we must cut & cut. Then when a student tried to replicate it he found child like errors in the data.
- It was a science paper, but it was presented at a conference rather than in a journal and conference papers are NOT peer reviewed. How come people just accepted it ?
- great work from BBC More or Less

city too dangerous for it's own football team
- Makhachkala western shore of the Caspian Sea: Interesting a city so dangerous that it's own football have to live more than 10O0Km away in Moscow : The author Vanora Bennett reports back on her favourite city off the beaten track, which is Makhachkala. Radio 3 essay BBC

Rip you tube to mp3 sound file online listentoyoutube.com

Don't leave your EHIC card in the hotel room.
To get local prices in Europe you must be carrying your Health ID Card & in an emergency you can't go back to hotel room.
2. - Make sure it's upto date.
3 - It's FREE at the post office - web sites which charge an admin fee for it are scams.
..Martin Lewis was saying some important things about EHIC

English Civil War much more BRUTAL than people think
- killing a higher percentage than WW1 & WW2. 4% of the 5m population died, so perhaps 1/4 people were effected by family deaths In all of the battles etc.. BBC IOT. (on the Putney debates)
- Meanwhile Radio 3 had a discussion on Englishness, but completely missed the point. England does NOT have it's OWN Identity, which is different from British apart from some sports. Since Wales and Scotland. are smaller they maybe have national identities, but I suspect it doesn't bear close examination. e.g In Wales you have South Welsh speakers, North Welsh speakers, and people who don't speak Welsh.

Phishing Scam we found on CS
SCAM Hello everybody. Hope you doing well. My Friend is in Limassol, Cyprus at the moment, He is there for a conference and he just had my bag stolen from him with his passport and personal effects. He has been trying to sort things out with the necessary authorities, now he needs some assistance from you. Let me know if you can be of any help. I'd be waiting your msgs. Thank you so much in advance. ENDSCAM

- I googled the exact phrase and didn't find the a scam match.. turns out it's the first time it uses HE not I ..now if you Google you find our conversation saying it's a scam.

- We guess if you reply they ask you to western union them money

Certain & WRONG : The Dangers of Certainty
- Ah I suddenly remember why I wrote that headline.
- I was listening to the ABC Science show and there was a scientist giving a lecture about something Fukushima.
- The thing was he sounded so absolutely certain, but I knew he was talking absolute crap. And that is the thing with a lot of climate stuff TOO, people can sound absolutely plausible, but when you check the detail they are talking crap.
.. Ah the guy wasn't a scientist at all actually he's a translator .. but the shows presenter likes to give a lot of time to his activist friends, so it's often The ABC Science Activist Show

- People who are most certain about something are the least reliable

..And sometimes that person who is certain and wrong is me

- when I saw that "Limassol help my friend has been robbed" request - I was suspicious so I know such messages are spread across the net by scammers.
so I set out to check for other occurances I Googled with quotation marks, strangely nothing came up.
- So when someone else said they checked on Google it was a scam, I first said you are wrong. Then it turned out the scammer was using these phrases for the first time.

- Previously they used "I " this time they had I used "he". Now that phrase is not new, if you Google that exact phrase you will find our warning that it's spam

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