23 Environment in Borneo 12/11/2015


some notes
The normal MO in My is fill the newspapers & schoolbooks with green propaganda ..whilst at the same time not bothering to care about the environment in reality. IE chop down all the trees, leave the filters off the chimneys ..well almost, it does a little bit like oil palm not right up to the river.. so it is better than Indonesia.
eg alarmist propaganda pieces are routinely stuck in the newspapers eg1 .. an adjacent one was "UN fund approves its first climate aid for poor nations"by AFP and a few days earlier a romantic piece about floating Scottish windturbine plan
Benford’s Law is a forensic science trick which can detect accountancy fraud.
BBC board : Honest and Impartial on Climate ?
Green/Left think other side is EVIL

WE just think Green/Left is WRONG

Parallels between language pedants & warmist true believers
Ridiculous unit "home" to mislead

- Renewable energy companies use the ridiculous unit "home" to mislead.
Philip when renewable energy companies make their claims like "this project powers x number of homes" You should point out they mean "pixie-homes". Pixie-home is the official unit of measurement of the Renewable energy companies.
#1. A pixie-home uses far less power than the normal human family home people imagine.
#2. A pixie-home doesn't take any power from the normal 24hour reliable grid as it only needs energy when the renewable company supplies it. At other times magic is used to keep the lights on. Anyway pixie-homes don't use much power for light as they are lit by fairy lights.
#3. A pixie-home reflects all the power used by a pixie family as pixies don't work in normal jobs, use government services or buy consumer products or services. So in calculating the electrical power used by pixies we don't have to take account of the power used in those external locations. That's in contrast to a human home where 8 times as much energy is used outside the home as in it.

- Future News Putin agrees to sighn the Paris Climate treaty on the same day that the international athletics organisation finds Russia completely innocent of all doping charges.

Green/Left Censoring and closing down debate



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KXLP scheme

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a Stew Green opinion
Out of the box thinking
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