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Leftwing Age gives good review to Carter's Book
Leftwing newspaper the Age gives good review to Carter's Book

Pity people stuck in the green tunnel

- Trying to have a reasonable debate with a greenie @mwt2008 -
of course I can counter ever pseudo "facts" he has
- But he almost never replies by answering, instead he replies with another attack
- I plod on -
so first it's "I don't want to debate further", but he goes on
- then namecalling insults "nutter"

- In the middle we finsh off yesterdays conversation In response to me saying well having no car is a good option ..he says I cant' cycle 84 miles round trip to work I said "No one forces you to live so far from job #GreensNotGreen #YouAndYours SIMPLIFY Eco impact is not just CO2"

- the he says "The current neoliberal over capitalist system forces me to live that far from my temporary job if I want a decent standard of living"
See he was chastising me saying "you don't care about the environment" then he says his having a "decent standard of living" is more important than the commuting damage

He blocked me : pity I wanted to help him by correcting non malicious error : "RT @GreenGrounded: Rent your driveway. Earn tax free money. Provide cheap parking. Boost #AirPollution. #EricPickles http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/aug/03/homeowners-rent-driveways-car-parks-tax-free …" It's not tax free said the guy from Rentyourdrive.com on the radio this morning

Inside the blocks below tweets go from top to bottom as the screengrabs were taken when I typed them in (instead of the newest to oldest) in normal

- " I have pointed you to a life cycle analysis" not he's mistaken he had not given me the full costing only "electric MOTOR are 85% efficient"

- Read this block from bottom to top
- This is when gives me the link to the full chain, that he claims he had already given me .. I answer by pointing out factory stats mean nothing e.g. as soon as you switch the heater on the battery uses masses
- and attacks me claiming diesel cost doesn't include the whole chain (spurious and typical tactic, they like to get an insult first, cos if you counter their points they are always on the backfoot)
- Maybe someone is coaching to attack cos Then He tries to deflect the topic to air pollution by bombarding with 20 FACT tweets
- he tweets a list of #airpollution killed X people this year claims ..( experience I know these wild claims always turn out to be spurious)

NEXT BLOCK - read from bottom
- insult2 calls me nobhead
- then insult3 "complete nutter" in response to my point that at source oil is just as free as wind ..except oil buyers pay big tax and wind mafia actually take out in subsidy
next insult 4. accuses me of using a fake profile and calls me a troll "@No2BS You don't even have the balls to have a proper profile instead hiding behind a fake persona / profile. Your a fossil fuel troll."
- not true this account has my photo and is linked to my website
"troll" that is the 5th name he has called me
- here we go Big Oil accusation "I don't believe anything you claimI bet you drive a hummer to your fat cat oil company job."

- next promise to block ..he doesn't keep promises
- 2nd big oil "hummer driver insult"
"Humm you have been doing your home work haven't you. Did one of your oil company employees research that for you?" (I think - mate just cos you appear to be selling EVs don't expect me to be corrupt like you)

-He goes cos cos he has some points to push 1. about the car heater energy 2. about diesel pollution ..but still snarling

2. about diesel pollution ..but still snarling ..to

- I check his refs and see yes UN classifies diesiel as cancerous, but in the same class as sunlight and wood dust (most things are) "oh #Cancer scary .. what is in the same UN class as diesel ? sunlight Chinese salted fish soot wood dust "

page 3 ..of his cut/pastes
- I can also counter this cos even though CO2 and diesel has increased ..there is no big cancer problem cos lifespan has been increasing even "@mwt2008 OK, Bottomline answer to any "OhMyGodWe are dying of" #cancer is in the same time LIFESPAN has gone up massively #TweetLikeaLefty"more ..he counter :"@No2BS #TweetlikeaTwat"

- I also point out that wood burning cooking kills far more people and much younger

- thats 40 cut and pastes he makes ..and then "@No2BS Are you a ex tobacco industry lobbyist? Your very good at creating doubt, misdirection and ignoring scientific evidence."..I can't reply PROJECTION cos he's blocking me

- finally tries to counter saying well "Other health impacts on life expectancy have been reduced. We would probably be even longer than now with lower air pollution levels"
- then calls it silly "Bit of a silly premise really. I read a snippet of news recently that life expectancy is starting to decrease cant remember source." * - "@No2BS Lol most of the big problems we now face as a race are caused by fossil fuel use." - he's trying to get last word having already blocked me
* I have to log in with another account to explain that only applies to 2011, he blocks me again, so I use my other account

he continues to his greenie mates @GreenCumbria 99.6% off UK car journeys are under 100 miles a day. Average UK daily driving is abt 27 miles with avg single trip of 7 miles.


BBC DMI the poject said to have cost £98.1m before being cancelled

podcast : on THE Radio4 Media Show BBC
(Digital media Intiative - Don't Mention It) It's supposed to be like an internal BBCIplayer so BBC staff can quickly access the entire archive of the BBC recordings chapter by chapter.
- The Media Show prog carried an allegation that the "BBC team lied to the >BBC Trust", cos the top boss Mark Thompson (head of NYT now) 2 years ago said the project was OK and some progs had already been made with it. This seems not to be true and the head of IT has been suspended on full pay
- I wonder what happened ? I used to work in project management - the trick is to write the project specification very clearly, that way after you award the contract the contractor cannot increase the price. This falls apart when you change your mind later. This is what happened with the a monumental project failure the Air Traffic Contol System Swanwick project (£600m over budget & 6 years late)
a list of 30 failed UK IT projects

- WHY IT's not really a £96m cost for nothing; I have a few theories.
- 1. It's not a total loss, cos surely the experience and equipment gained
can be used in other ways . For a start when they buy in an off the self
LIBRARY system they will have the expertise to buy it & implement it more
- 2. When you have a loss making project you can some accountancy tricks. I
bet this is what happened . If a department is running over budget they
simply book extra stuff to the basket case project, cos no one will notice due to it being a basket case already. You can book every office party cos down to that project etc.

- Whether it's £50m or £100m the BBC system has lost money and that is due to some managers not doing their job properly, so they should not have been paid bonuses and some of that money needs to be clawed back.

- SHOULD have begun SIMPLE : My guess is that the people who wrote the specification had no idea of the real world, and didn't appreciate the complexity. The Iplayer is one thing, but that is one level : standard quality & whole programmes, but Pre-broadcast quality chapter by chapter is a much higher level. I bet they didn't appreciate the level of storage and bandwidth you need to implement that. What they should have done is built up from a small level; starting with radio. Start with one local radio station, and set up so everyone can share their own audio. Then move up to do that at a regional level (Scotland or Wales) , then move up to national. But did DMI start trying to TV at national level from the beginning ? There seems to be one industry that has implemented mass storage and thumbnailing of videos ..maybe the contractors spend too much time researching it (Adult video sites)

Another BBC IT Fiasco - BBC had contracted Autonomy to make software which quickly indexes video content. That one was implemented in 2006 After the Autonomy FIASCO when it was bought by HP (going from a $4bn to $zero company)

one of the few projects held up as a good example of working was the BBC Monitoring's Technology Refresh Project, aka "Socrates" ..What happened to that ? Ah abandoned as a total failure £8.3m written off April 2013.
- Maybe the BBC has the best IT people making the programmes instead of
implementing the IT

- There is a BBC version of I-tunes in the pipeline Project Barcelona... will they finlly make some money back on that ?
Now it's called BBC Store it has still not launched ..and Sky TV has beaten them to is as it has just launched Sky Store
BBC should be ready soon ..as they are recruiting "BBC Store is being launched in spring 2015"

here is a summary from Oct 2013

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