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- My new trick is to stop listening to radio live. I can listen to progs 1 day late ..and then skip past the boring bits like sport, celebrity crap, presenters talking about selves, weather, travel. (there should be a skip button)
- Like on the Today show not only can you see the running order on the web, but yesterdays get's updated with listeners comments. twitter feed covers the news

anyone seen that Google is getting worse. The first page is now a quick page, but often doesn't include ALL of the search terms I put in ..I find stuff on 2nd or 3rd pages these days

FACT : 3 million/year kids die due to POOR NUTRITION
UNFACT : "A child die of HUNGER every 10 seconds?"
That's only in the the imagination of people paid to rasie money for charities - The reality is almost no child children are starving to death. Some children do die from infectious diseases, like measles, because earlier malnutrition left them vulnerable, especially when mothers didn't give enough breast milk.
- note how such deaths are often double counted as due to hunger, disease, water etc.
- "going to bed hungry" - No rather than a world lacking in food, these deaths are occurring in countries where there is plenty of food around, so are due more to cultural practices : like avoiding, meat, milk at the same time as eating too much starch and not enough vegetables are significant. Many families not realising that, up to six months of age, babies need to be exclusively fed on breast milk.
- Half of all infant deaths are 3 million kids dying each year due to Poor Nutrition, Hunger is being used as shorthand for that, but gives a false picture.
BBC Website debunks the story


Discussion about BBC radio dumbing down and replacing good science with green-activist mates The BBC blog

makerfaireuk.com like a hackathon see video

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Stanislaw Burzynski

- I Observed your talk with Martin Vizzard yesterday
- a lot of smart people her so I maybe you don't need my input, about why SB is BS and why it matters
1. Breaks the too Good/Bad to be true rule, (it is possible for a small clinic to be be innovative, but 20 without acceptance is too long)
2. NO Method Explanation : Lack of accepted scientifc explanation for the method
3. NO PROPER Evidence (replicated multiple times, randomised, double blind studies) Usually 3. validates 2. .. Now occasionally the results come first, and then the science is worked out later, but 20 years with no NO PROPER Evidence published is unbelievable
4. Moral argument : What real Jesus keep his miiracle technique secret ?
- So does SB work better than chance ? NO ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT

WHY It Matters
- When people believe in "alternative Medicine" SOME stop taking is REAL MEDICINE ( ..so over the group it becomes HARMFUL to overall heath.)
- He sucks money away from real research : Campaign money raised to send UK kids to his clinics might otherwise go to real charities

- We saw from Martin that they are not promoting it as a MAGIC SOLUTION, but just say "there is a chance it can help" so sucking people in. Now we now that in any sickness a certain percentage will get magically better whatever happens and that is the game that SB is playing
.."look A-F died, but G & H have lived 5 over years".. Now we know that would have happened ANYWAY
- And he is helped by this "Not Pure enough justification" effect (when something fails people post justify it by saying "It works, but I just didn't do it early/thoroughly enough")

- 2 other points
1. CANCER DOES NOT KILL US ..It's life that kills us. We are sure to die, but sometimes sickness brings the end earlier than we might like.
2. GREAT PAIN Treatment available now, so people like Martin don't have to suffer pain like years ago

- So while he is right to research opportunities of Genuine clinics. He should not feel the guilt of "I did not nothing", because the odd of spontaneous remission are within Normal medicine are greater than with "alternative Medicine"

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