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We need to do a "Bias Analysis"
I just found this old link on page 20 of My Reality Check Blog ..very good statistical analysis showing shady scientific research is rampant.

.. for every scientific paper.. just like we do a "risk analysis" in other work operations ...yes I thought this idea up myself.

- A new research paper tested peer review process by resubmitting 12 articles this time with fictitious names and institutions
- 3 were spotted
- 8 were eventually rejected .."poor method" etc. Even though they had been published before when submitted under the name of prestigious institutions
- 1 made it thru
- peer-review-falls-for-recycled-manuscripts/

- Also Freakonomic : percentage of scientific articles retracted because of fraud had increased tenfold since 1975. links to 2 good stories

New Item on More or Less
- "Earlier in the series, we brought you the story of a highly influential economics paper - written by two Harvard professors - which had helped shape the debate on austerity in America and Europe, and the graduate student who spotted some problems with it. The issues Thomas Herndon and his professors found with Growth in a Time of Debt, the paper by Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff, have become a cause celebre. But there are those who are warning that this paper is by no means the only one out there which has mistakes in it – millions of others may have too."

- One woman spoke about 2% of UK PHDs being faulty

- Ed Yong talked about - systematic biases like going on until you get a result and then stop ..so I looked him up

Ed Yong on Bad Science
- Ed Yongs talk yet he himself is a follower of the Climate Catastrophe Theory Pied Piper
- He focusses on psychology ..and that is maybe not real science

* Feynmann saying social science is not real science
- "Why are "definite testable predictions" so important that other work is subordinate?" Because if you can't predict anything, your model is worthless. It's just a cute story you're telling yourself about the facts. Like ancient people who thought lightning was the spear of the gods.?

His writing
- Originates from his Bristol Uni Talk .. has audio
- ..has most of stuff from his talk
- his other paper March 2013
- His article in Nature
- his blog is called notexactlyrocketscience blog by Ed Yong

Cutthroat Science Science & the City Podcast

- How much do you think US scientists steal each year ?
- they found US scientists steal $300m per year (from other scientists)
- they scanned the top 5 US databases to spot double dipping (when same research is funded by 2 different orgs) from 1985-2013 total of second grants that should have gone to other scientists was.$5.9bn
2% cheat, but 72% say they have seen collegues doing malpractice
- 25% of scientists don't keep adequate records need record keeping systems

- half percent of UK research is fraud

murat m or woman yalking about 2% of UK PHDs being faulty

- Stew's theory university science flawed most science happens outside the uni if a salesman recommends a good techninique and it works that is science

From Tamsin Edwards notes on Yong's Lecture
- her blog allmodelsarewrong.com ( strange tie together ..she is a Climate Scientist who claims to have been persecuted on the Bishop-hill blog, unbelievable cos the commenters are incredibily polite and educated compared to warmists blogs, I checked I was right no name calling etc.)

topic ; faulty science Green Lies Calendar

The BBC is a special prism through which we see the world ..it takes in all light and only outputs green

http://www.sciencefriday.com/playlist/#play/segment/9117 http://www.sciencefriday.com/segment/05/10/2013/microexpressions-more-than-meets-the-eye.html http://www.sciencefriday.com/segment/05/10/2013/the-myth-of-multitasking.html


- learning is a journey

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