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18 Year old invents A Phone Charger : REALLY ?
- Student Charges cellphone in 30s to win INTEL prize going to lab of prof & with him reproduces the work he published 1 year ago
- Large corporation finds right face (female ethnic minority) to front their publicity HEADLINE : 18 Yr old makes incredible breakthrough to charge phone in 30s
Stew thinks "Too good to be true" so checks
- TRUE HEADLINE : student using the lab of a professor and with him supervising reproduced the research that he published more than 1 year ago, thus making a super-capacitor run an LED (not a cellphone which usues considerable power),
..thus winning the IntelInnovation prize of $50,000. I am sure she is a worthy person, but it does make it look like Intel wanted a female ethnic minority person to win, when in reality the real work was done by an Older Asian male, and the resources University of California Santa Cruz
- Covered in the Daily Mail
- Dr Li 2012 Paper
- 18 year old's paper
- Good Discusion
- QUOTE from Azsexdr 5 days ago
-"Very helpful. Looking over the research publications of that lab it seems as though the student got a lot more help than just using lab equipment. The project is almost identical to this paper published earlier this year in which she is not even an author. The student seems to have been a summer intern in the lab. So much for inventing anything; she basically is getting credit for the work of an entire university lab."

My Opinion
: charge in 30s : sounds like a capacitor to me .. if it was that easy to have a capacitor instead of a battery then cellphone companies , would already do it. Troublle is that capacitors only keep charge a short time so not reliable to power your phone for a week. secondly to get high power storage you'd need super high voltage. Aha I see I see the new technology does allow the charge to be kept for a long time , and the suggested method is to piggy back the capacitor to the phone battery so the capacitor slowly lets the charge drain into the battery. Why is that not done now? probably cos the size of the combination would be too big. Aha that would explain why so far they have only enough enrgy to power an LED and not an entire cellphone .. I seem to remember the crucial thing about high energy small batteries is that they are basically bombs in your pocket . and the key is to get something incredibly stable

- BTW you see that Romanian kid won 2nd prize for "Self Driving car"
- Background shows been on drawing board since 2010 News stories
- 2010
- 2011
- 2013 :
- Graphene breakthrough

Idea : Shoplifter alert Facebook group
- Just been talking to the Pakistani shop guy who is always catching shoplifters on his store camera and struggles to pass the message on to the other shops up the road. You could do it using twitter and a hashtag alert, but I just had another idea. If they make a Facebook group. Then whenever one posts a warning the others will instantly know ..and it's easy to upload photos, and the police could join the Facebook group also

The KEEP an Eye on the Shop App
- Just thought up by me :An App that forwards the shop security cameras output to the shop owner's smartphone when she nips out the back or to the toilet.

not an original can do it with a camera connected to the internet (IP camera)

Dumb Journalists : Sky Apps NOT Hacked
- Another BS of the day
Bank Holiday Saturday ..Some one posted on our BBC Click Radio FB Group
"Sky Apps store has been hacked, please remove all of your Sky apps"
..and people are suddenly masses are retweeting same message
- What do you think that means ?

– I checked and found Sky and GooglePlay had no news about the event STRANGE
.. A couple of Google minutes and I was Graham Cluley's article
: CAUTION Sky Apps maybe NOT hacked, no evidence ..seems more likely just the help desk twitter feed was hacked
- "yep what this guy is saying makes much more sense"
I tested – "not hacked" sky – on Googled Googled News etc nothing except 1 other person on Twitter saying an App Hack was V UNLIKELY.. but I still thought he was right

- It was unbelievable Graham Cluley BEAT 95% of the Twitterphere (and REAL news orgs like ITV)
- If a hacked twitter feed told you to drown yourself, would you do it ?

- Does seem that hacker/insiders were ALSO able to deface Sky's storefront aswell as the twitter account, but still unlikely any apps were tampered with'd need more passwords for that (and by Google Play took downthose defaced pages very quickly.. BUT without writing a news message !)

- and almost no chance any apps on your device were harmed cos they would have to get your permission to change them

Permaculture Failure

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