15 Permaculture Dream Fades 8/5/2013
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Permaculture Failure
- I am surprised to see people coming to light to say Permaculture isn't working that well

- The thing is when you read the Fukuoka book ..it says he obtains better result that normal farming this is a quote "Our overall yields were highest in the area. Farmers from near and far now came to look at our crops. Many of them could not believe that we did not use any fertilizers. Some tried to check privately from our workers to find out whether we were cheating"
(actually the USDA has a copy of the text on it's website )
- but as I say that seems to be a barefaced lie .. it was never substatiated and now the family "don't want to be bothered" (I expected to be able to visit and see for myself, but I was told the sons had moved back to normal chemical agriculture)

- just some random brainstorming on the topic - Did any us have accurate expectations of any course, before ? I just found a quote in a comment "if permaculture really is a viable economic model, then where are the people living well only from permaculture itself (and not by raking in money from true believers eager to become 'gurus' themselves)? " ..more in the notes below How many types of medicine are there ? There are 2 types skeptics say, but it is not mainstream and alternative but rather Medicine that WORKS *, and medicine that DOESN'T WORK- * passes replicated doubled blind, randomised trials. If homeopathy worked it would be medicine and we would be justified in using tax payers money for it ? So I guess you can say the same for agriculture Is it really a choice between mainstream and organic ? Are big companies so stupid that they are farming farming in a way that costs more money, is less productive and will destroy their own land ? No the bits of organic that work they will readily use, the stuff that doesn't work in practice they won't. Near us the power station is powered by chicken shit, Green stuff which stands up to proper testing is science : limiting consumption, building insulation, pumping irrigation water with wind pumps, using solar hot water in warm countries all make sense., but a lot of other stuff is just romantic dogma where the maths doesn't stack up : using solar PV at UK latitudes does not, maybe a lot of recycling etc. In the movie Tom Cruise says "show me the money", when asking the guy if he is serious. And that is the way it works in business. Ideas which generate more money at the end of the day (without subsidies) , are the way industry goes. - People get into permaculture, because they want farming that is sustainable, and what the family who have been in farming for 500 years don't want to be sustainable ?. all farmers want to be sustainable. It just that when you have been farming 20 years you have seen 1 year where an entire section of the farm wiped out by one disease and another year where the same thing happened in another section, so applying a pesticide year after year does make financial sense. - Could you say that industrial farmer doesn't care so much about being in balance with the nature ? Well if the law is structured and applied properly he won't be damaging nature cos he'll get sued. And to him it matters more than to someone who is playing a game. I Googled : "unrealistic expectations" "Permaculture" - could you ask students if they think they have "unrealistic expectations" ? I found this here : here QUOTE

If Greenpeace backed it's dogma by investing it's own millions ..and it's dogma really worked .. it would be running most of the worlds agriculture and energy generation.. but than Big Industry... It's just Big Mouth but rather than Big Industry... It's just Big Mouth

Permaculture Failure

- some one elses Green dream bites the dust

- Mark Boyle a guy who lived without money for 3 years ..rather than be inspiring ..it made me tpe in Dickhead into Google and find this article about hime

- Interesting party tricks from our mate Richard Wiseman's team : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKxnnKLn9Hc

We need to do a "Bias Analysis" for every scientific paper.. just like we do a "risk analysis" in other work operations ...yes I thought this idea up myself

Next he tals about feeling for ownership of your body :you do get that feeling of knowing on acid ..as if the gatekeepers have suddenly approved ..that feeling you knew all along

- Babies can actually speak at 2 days old : on DW the expert said they can see a difference in criy sound of French babies and German babies.

- A lot in the TED talk older get the inhibitor brain switched on ..toddlers can't do this well ??'

- came up also in TED radio hour ..newborns can recognise 1. mothers voice, but 2. theme music of her favourite sitcom

Permaculture Failure
"This kind of religious underpinnings of environmentalism can be seen today alive and well in the sermons of prominent climate activist Bil McKibben" Review of The Age of Global Warming A History by Rupert Darwall - in Skepteco (a Sane Blog from Irish ex-greenie) - Skepteco is by Graham Strouts "Ecopragmatist", "been teaching Permaculture for 8 years" in Eire ..Like me he is another Greenie who has come out the other side of the green tunnel "More recently, I have started to question fundamentally many of my previous assumptions. ..Trying to separate the science from the ideology within the environmental movement " another from his twitter feed : "I feel sorry for them. Fooled by propaganda and driven by fear to continue spreading an anti-scientific message."

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