Useful Info Blog #1 Report : Microlabour

listened to a good podcast from ABC about THE RISE OF MICRO-LABOUR
* big article SEE :

- but when I checked the websites of course it's not an easy magic solution

SOME SITES - for some US cities ONLY for some US cities for australia To register tell it you live in the US log in via Facebook take credential tests has ıssues not enough jobs can't find where you sign up ..guess they don't need people U.S. residents 18 or older only for online teachers ..I have to do a video doesnt look great
possible testimonials mostly were $1 cheques

- internet mini jobs - NOT an easy magic solution
- good info see good info see freebiejunkieblog Concludes Mturk best
Me Testing
People will do tasks for you for $5
Trouble is it works backwards ..instead of you specifying what you want done you have to search thru what they offer for what you want take a look
A good fun idea, but would it work in reality ?
I will detect BS : Internet expert from 1995 with 112 countries of travel so I have lots of logic, lifeskills and experiences.
- I will search the fiverr site for the person who will give you the best deal for your site. they banned this
- they suggest video

- Wow I got some gigs- cos I put something very specific "That I can help people in Cyprus ..and I am Limassol" ..that really narrows down the competition.

How To Get Gigs
- I signed up to fiver BUT it buries your listing
- I guess that some people have spammed it so that most things you can do are already covered.
- You see most people have not sold cos the product hasn't been rated.
- how to make it come up in searches ? one trick is to put the same gig under many titles

People are not selling huge amounts : for proofreading : These people are high but with only 700 (eboler 1000 words), 300 (top nickih 2000w), 300 (papina 500 words) gigs they are not overstretched

- When I evaluate Fiverr it seems when there are people like you with an established high ranking customers will always go straight to them . So it's almost impossible for new people to get GIGS, but one way I can see is by being a subcontractor, with the job of the established "gigger" being to keep a near 100% gig rating. (I would say the same to Fiverr admin is they are reading this which they probably are)

Special Ideas Can Work
- you have to be lucky to make money cos evryone can do the same basic thing, but one guy struck gold : He offered to Put a Santa had on you company website for $5 ..simple thing for him to do , people don't mind to pay $5 and they want it right now .. If your friends can think of same idea.
santa hat for website ..easy cheap unique
He recommends giving gig many names

Adding Gig Extras ?
From my understanding, you must be a member of Fiverr for at least 30 days and have completed 10 gigs with 90%-100% positive ratings. After that your account will upgraded to level 1 and you should be able to offer gig extras.

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