PC 156 More Summer Festivals 2

July 2002 - New Mills in Derbyshire and Lincoln

Hitched to Sheffield and then took the train to New Mills for the OneWorld Festival
This was a small one day family festival, with a stage and about 45 leaflet stalls from various charities and pressure groups. (The Fairtrade Stall with it's demonstration of trade terms was the best : Large dices one with 5 sides of sixes for us and one with 5 sides of ones for the developing world.) We set up on Saturday morning. The festival ended at 6 and we had the place cleaned up by 9, then I went back to Ester and Steves house.
Sunday : I walked up the hill for a view of the Derbyshire peaks and Kinder Scout. Then we had a after festival at Mike and Carol's.
Monday : I took the Snake Pass Road from Glossop back across the Pennines stoppping to walk a little at the Pennine Way and Lady Bower Resevoir, getting caught in the rain a little bit..

Got back to Scunthorpe Hung around a bit then went down to the Waterside Festival in Lincoln. It was nowhere near as good as the other festivals being a big council run festival it didn't have the same atmosphere, but had more tacky and commercial things with a few bands and some boring street performers.

I finally finished reading Utopia by Thomas More. . It took me 2 weeks do write the full analysis. Like Thoreau he hates the conventional capitalist society, but wheras Thoreau is an individualist, More concludes "Get rid of Money, Property and Pride and we'll solve most of the world's problems straight away." and his Utopia is a completely communist society.

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