UK : PC150 - April 2002 Temporary Work in the UK

I don't know what to do next so I decided to do some temporary work in the UK until I have found another project. Maybe I get lucky and bump into something

I went to London, but there were so many foreigners looking for work it was impossible; then I went to Oxford, but the hostel was awful. So then I went across to Harlow where I have been working on the tills at Tescos supermarket and now the night shift.

London is a crazy place but I have been doing a few interesting things
None of the hostels were very nice, just overcrowded, overpriced slums. I tried about 6 different ones. I couldn't find any temporary work , but I spent some time being a guinea pig in some strange psychology experiments to earn some pocket money. In one they tried to hypnotize me, in another into trauma I had to watch a video of road traffic accidents in another I had magnets places over my skull which caused my fingers to move. Others were usually rather more mundane computer tasks like looking at faces or listening for beeps.

I went out doing things ...I went to see comedy but it was all crap... once there were 5 comedians and I was the only person in the audience.

I went to see some other more interesting productions like one Tuesday I saw a play demonstration current an ex prisoners at Clean Break Theatre. (A place set up to promote the use of drama in prisons)
On the Thursday(14 th Feb) I went to see some more unfunny comedy
On the Wednesday I went to the Barbican Teatre to see The RSC do Julius Caesar .. as I expected was disappointing , amateur companies would have more of a spark .
On the Friday I went to the Institute of Psychic Research to see a medium perform called Gerrie MarchIt didn't blow my mind, but she did seem to demonstrate some ability. There were many vague unanswered suggestions, but sometimes spot on with what seemed to be stabs in the dark No spirits materialised nor strange winds; thoughts and images would pop into her head and she would convey them......etc etc
On the Saturday first to a demonstration day by London Archaeologists then later I went back to Clean Break and this time saw two things a play by ex prisoners and a demonstration by professional actresses of how they do workshops in a prison. In this brilliant demonstation the actresses took the part of two innocent Jamaican girls who were offered a free trip to London by some rich woman who wanted them to carry something for her ! Part of the process is that the actresses stay in character whilst the prisoners tell them what to do. I can see how this technique could be used in Schools to educate children into why they shouldn't get into crime in the first place.

It's amazing now that all the big museums are free; surely they will be swamped in the summer. I went to Maritime Museum, British Museum, Kensington Museums , Imperial War Museum a few times each
I also went to quiet a few lectures ..Globetrotters Club, Quakers, British Museum, Royal Society etc

Mon -went Scala to hippy gig in aid of Antislavery - Flight of Freedom it was intersting , but not particularly enjoyable.

Oxford - 12 a night and 14 beds cramped into a small room ! I decided not to stay longer


I went around looking for work, but was first emailed about a couple of jobs in London. So on the Friday I worked for University of Central Londonat a careers fair for graduate career changers. Then I went down to Rochester/Chatham Kent for the weekend.
Then did another exhibition for the Guardian Newspaper in London for 3 days. Meanwhile both Tescos and an agency were asking me to come back up and work. I thought we would be shelf stacking , but they started us as checkout operators. Tescos was alright but the money was pretty low. I am moving to night work directly for Tescos so it should be better.

Last weekend I went down to Wembley for a peace festival , but it turned out to be primarily a congress for a semi-dodgy religious cult origninating in Japan Soca Gokkia. I asked what their solution was to bring world peace one girl told me that it was simple ...everyone should adopt their religion ! But I did find out an interesting project .. PEACE ONE DAY

Some New Photos from Korea Here

I've just stopped working at Tescos and may cycle up to Norfolk before fling to Cuba or something

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