Panama Cultural Experiences

These just stay with locals (not work) project
  • 40 Mina de Membrillo (a soap stone carvers community) $5 family +$6 for food (too expensive, I paid $6 all in ) no working $5 guided visit 9-4 cocle , bus from penonomes to Membrillo then 3Km walk , can also walk path to/from El Valle 3 hours or (507) 248 6315
  • 41 pn omar torrijos $3 family $4 food homestay from penonomes to El Cope then Barrignon or from panama city el cope, Barrignon 9839266 volcan
  • 42 Soloy v cheap $1 day see their website
    contact mail ADÁN BEJERANO RÍOS Entrega General David, Chiriquí Republica de Panamá phone: 726-5004
  • 43 Ri Hondo Adventures - wounaan indigenous, east coast , Serrana de Maje..jungle etc, from puerto Coquira 3hr boat ride down Bayamo river, Leonides Quiroz 646 9483 .. 502 0161 nearest phone to community
  • 44 Darien Indigenous can pay $7 for 2 (they want more) Bus to Meteti (last bank, cash advance etc) boat to P Quimba to La Palma wait for cheap boat not charter $6, walk 24Km to Sumbu pay $10 permit boat to Pavarando (Ben from Kent)

    Feria in darien- Sambou 3-7th december

  • 45 San Blas Island (Kuna Yuna people) V Recommended by Irish girl. Fly $68 return or boat to main island. Man called Juan from San Blas Hotel meets you, recommends Pelican Island and takes you there for $5 It costs $5/day to stay with a family. On last day he collects you takes you on islands tour and back to main island to stay at San Blas Hotel so can take the flight out in the morning (for $35 inc all meals, tour etc) (they paid $25 cos no breakfast) .. Must Take some food to small island for variety.
  • 46 El Norteño - Ngöbe Buglé people, between Changuinola and David. Only visit no stay $15-$40 students 50%, contact 756 9087 - William Clemente or Pedro Abrego (from flyer) 20 min walk upriver cross suspension bridge
  • 47 Isla Taboga near Panama city - boat from muelle #18 few dollars - Ask for Finca de Charlie McElroy (old lady's house $5 a day
    had much more but accidentally deleted it oops
  • 48 Tree Planting in NP Somberania every Friday tel 261 1123
see Costa Rica list also wwoofnotes.txt

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