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West Australia 1995/96

As it was getting cold in the UK I decided to checkout Perth as a place to live. I arrived in Australia on November the 13th.

More Computer Battling (11/2/96)

I travelled on towards Albany to stay with Walter at the Albany YHA again. He wanted me to help out finishing the YHA Webpages. I used a lot of my patience battling with the computer and eventually error checked and jazzed up the pages which can be seen at

WA is OK but I Haven't Found Home Yet

My visa's expiring and I'm not really inspired to extend it. WA has a lot going for it the wealth and the climate, but as with the rest of the western world shallow commercial, money driven culture still prevails. There are some people with good ideas, but I didn't meet anyone right on my track.

Looking for work in Brunei and Singapore

I flew from Perth to Brunei on February 13th. I didn't get a good feeling for work there so I only hung around for a few days. ( I hoped to check out the possibility of doing a little work there maybe internet training or something.) One spectacular discovery we made whilst we were there was Jerudong Park. This a huge amusement park (on the scale of Alton Towers), which the Sultan built for the people and it's all FREE !!. The only problem is getting there in a country so rich there aren't many buses so 6 of us crammed ino a taxi 6 pounds each. It was worth it though, only problem is I've got whiplash from all the rides I went on.

Vibrant Singapore

From Brunei I flew onto Singapore on Friday the 16th Feb.I might look for work there also. next..Singapore

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