6.- 26/11/98 The Heat Of Araraquara 

Sunday in Araraquara not much happening so I followed people onto a bus and then to a large soccer stadium. Where I was surprised to see new cars parked on the pitch. 10,000 people had come to play Bingo ! 

Tuesday I went to give a small class at Upto You school which turned out to a lecture to 30 people (thanks Juliana), but I managed to carry it off. 

Thursday I went to Sao Carlos I dropped by the Federal University, but the staff don't work between 12 and 3 so I didn't get to speak to anyone. In the evening I gave 3 classes at the CCAA there which went very well I think. Still I was stressed out by them so I had a big cup of Brazilian tea; which turned out to be very strong. I actually got drunk on caffeine and hour later I had a thumping headache at the back of my head and then woke up with another in the middle of the night. 
Friday I went to a (boring) lecture at the USP and was very lucky to be invited to a picnic at a nearby fantastic country club ..Club Nautico. (thanks Maria Clara ) Wow an amazing a beach, lake waterfall, forest etc ..what a playground..I'll have to try and get a membership somehow. 
21/11/98 Learning to play Truco - Now that I am living at Mike and Marcias house I went with them to play Truco at Marcia's Aunt's...it's afiendishly difficult version of bridge with a million rules not helped by the fact we were playing at 12.30 am. I've just found out that in this region cheating at Truco is very prized so that you often say "are we playing with cheating or withou ?" 

I'm really enjoying helpinng Mike with his students and am quickly improving my techniques . I hope to pick up some extra work soon.  

It's very hot here about 35 C , but I don't mind cos it's  dry not humid and we have a pool. 

maybe I might put up my Portuguese diary soon.

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