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Wasting Time on News on Information

- I already know I waste so many hours checking out facts, usually proving that stupid stuff tends to be stupid

- Wed was the day of the Dale Farm eviction and it was interesting to follow it live as it was another example of "stupid world" people broke the law and then went to immense effort and time to defy it .. see comment section

- Thursday was the day Gaddafi got caught so that was another day wasted.

- Now in some kind of internet paralysis.. distractions on Twitter..need to download another plugin etc

Roman Roads in_our_area

- Ermine Street cuts up thru Lincoln thru our our village Scawby to York. Note how there is an alternative route by going west to avoid the 1.5Km walk across the river Humber.

- There is one Roman villa on Ermine St and another in the south of the village.

Viking Way supposed to be like walking in a National Park
- From the village you can be at the beach or in proper walking area with mountains and waterfalls within 1 hour. However the area nearby is not really great for walking . There are no mountains here rather the whole area is on the Lincolnshire Edge a ridge 50 Km long with a 40Km view west cross the Trent valley, but all you can see is flat and the power stations. 10Km further east is the Wolds another higher ridge another 35m higher. Last week on BBC Radio 4 Ramblings they walked there and said it was like walking in the Yorkshire Dales. Friday was a sunny day so I got on the bike (immediate puncture) and cycled across the flat farmland up to Caistor to Nettleton then followed the Viking Way through muddy fields past the old Iron mines tunnels up the valley to the radar tower.
- Being on the bike I skipped some of the interesting bits like the Normanby village and Walesby ramblers church as I came around by road. Up to Tealby then along The Roman road called Caistor High St on the top of the ridge which is hedge and therefore no views. Pity I missed the heritage centre in Caistor
- I wasn't over impressed by the walk it's not mountains and waterfalls . I think Burton hills walk is better
- good notes on the walk , old mine photos , more notes

- not exactly waterfalls and moountains but usually a view from the edge of the hillside across west to the power stations on the Trent 60Km away

Went to my cousin's 25 wedding anniversary last night.
- A bit quiet, but good food and cake. The only social thing I have done in the last few weeks. Strange that often in a foreign village I often know 5 people in 1 day, yet in my village area I know nobody and have never spoken to someone who is younger than 55 years old. In Tunisia there are cafes, but this area there are no places like, no places to socialise, most pubs closed down & the others are too expensive & boring.

The Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival
- best detailed list
- prog with photos - radio lineup

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