PC579 Back in the UK
Back in Rainy Land of the unglamourous people
Back in the rainy and unglamourous UK I could get all my things properly washed and was able to replace my smelly broken shoes with almost new walking boots at the Sunday market for €3.50.(all that Made in China stuff is so cheap here)
There's not much to do, but the TV and radio are reasonably good.
Weather : It's England what do you think it's like ? the temperature dropped below zero the other night

- Foreigners think the UK is full of glamourous people cos that's what they see on TV. Here it's distinctly unglamourous in my village everyone is old . 5000 people, but I remember speaking to anyone under 50 years old. As almost the only people you see walking around are pensioners walking their dogs. Other people stay in their houses and drive everywhere to work and shops etc.

It's organised and polite and rainy, quite a few interesting documentaries on the telly.

The UK : Colonised by French the speaking Vikings (Normans) who enslaved the locals by imposing serfdom.

I am back in that land ruled by the colonisers who which was colonised by the French speaking Vikings (Normans) who enslaved the locals by imposing serfdom. The normal British person isn't a coloniser or enslaver, no, it's ironic that here the ancestors of the Norman lords still have 50% of the wealth 944 years later.

The Shopping here is cheap after the expensive South Western Eurozone
Friday I went shopping.... I got new headphones and batteries etc : "made in China" things like batteries and earphones are 70% cheaper than South Western Europe. In the supermarket most things were 50% cheaper than south western Europe milk is €0.55/litre, bread €0.65/Kg etc. Cornflakes have gone up 40%, but that still makes them 50% cheaper.

20 years ago the US shops used to be so much cheaper than the UK, but since then we have had had competition and economies of scale so most regular things like food, clothes and electronics are cheaper than they used to be It was killing me, being in the Eurozone where "made in China" things like batteries are so expensive, here in the UK they can be found 70% cheaper
I got some almost new walking boots at the Sunday market for €3.50 and 2Kg of cakes for €1.10
- Mind you if you don't shop around things can be super expensive it cost €8 to copy a yale key ..this costs €0.50 in Malayasia. See when you buy some things the price has to cover the high local wages, so service things like eating in a restaurant are phenomenomally expensive

- I notice that there are some good winter deals on hotels through the newspapers ...I added them to My UK Tips page

Suddenly got to change and plan for Winter
I make this map of my travels on virtual tourist

- Then I made some maps of my Balkans travel - A Google map should be zoomable, but it had a few problems ..in Bosnia you cant use the make a line aong the road tool, then it also spreads the route over 4 pages .. I found this trick to force it into a kml file and onto 1 page My Zoomable Balkan Travel Map ... but then the bloody thing looks a mess cos Google has had a policy change and mostly only lists place names in the nations own language..
So I tried Bing which was better.. I could make a map and export it to jpg, but I could not make a link so other people can zoom it. I can zoom it if I am logged in to Bing.
- I see Bing has a real scale London Tube map which is zoomable

- I made a travel route map in Travelpod but its a bit crap cos you can't zoom it like you can in Googlemaps
This map you can zoom
Get Your Own MapView Larger Map

- amazing dry water as reported on Material World ..I think its a nano-sand compound and when you pour water on it, then each molecule becomes so bonded with the sand mesh that the wetness just disappears

Essay : World is false as usual

... The world is false as usual .. UK political talk is all about cutbacks and dole scroungers but there are 20 millionaires in the UK government cabinet many using techniques to not pay full tax ... They appointed billionaire Sir Philip Green to lead a task force investigating where government spending could be cut. One of his companies the Arcadia group Britains biggest clothes retailer is in his wife's name and his wife is registered as a Monaco resident so she took a a tax-free £1.2bn dividend in 2005

For years large companies like Virgin and Sky have used tax haven techniques to save billions ... guess which company pays only 2.4% tax on its earnings ? It's slogan is "don't be evil", but is it moral when all the small people pay 25- 40% on their earnings ? Yes Google "Double Irish" & "Dutch Sandwich" technique to minimise tax on its £2billion non US income (businessweek.com/magazine). World profits are funneled through Google Ireland. In Ireland to escape tax you can funnel profits to other countries, but not tax havens, so the profits are funneled to the Netherlands and then on to Bermuda businessweek.com/magazine(in pictures ). The US taxpayers paid for the research that Google was founded upon, but are being deprived of tax on much of the profits .

Such Tax avoidance techniques are legal, but slavery used to be legal also. "If one country bans it, then uses will switch to another" ...well it's time for a world fair tax code ... good BBC radio documentary about famous UK companies not paying much tax

- Well one argument is that it is diffcult for truly global companies to say in what country they mande a profit. If I but 10 carpets in Iran for $100 and then put then in a warehouse in the UK for 10 years and then sell them for $2000 in France... where did I make the money ?

Barclays Bank has been double dipping ..paying tax in one country, but then claiming the same tax back off the US government and the Uk government

- there is the usual lack of perspective : tax avoidance totally dwarfs benefit overclaiming, never mind the paltry amount UK MP overclaimed by UK MPs which the UK newspapers spent 6 months banging on about ..Oh do the newspaper organisations also save billions by using tax avoidance ? ..take a wild flaming guess !
BTW It's the fascist BNP party website that the coalition government MPs exploitation of allowances are much bigger than the last governments http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/condem-cabinet-%E2%80%94-millionaires-club-which-makes-you-pay-their-private-living-expenses

The big cuts ? - What cuts ?

- UK politics is like a Russian doll. What a poli says is not the same as what happens. Yes the talk is of big cuts but check the implimentation dates ..nothing happens for 2 years .. and then if a department cuts jobs it's spending goes up as it has to pay redundancies. The talk is for the benefit of the markets, Cameron promised big cuts before and if he didn't start to deliver then the markets would lose confidence in him... but my guess is that he will be able to count on in 2 years time the economy will be in a better state ... so he will beable to slip out of implimenting many of the cuts thus keeping the support of the pensioners for the next election ..The very same pensioners who could easily pay the entire government borrowing (debt) with the untaxed profits they have made from house price rises in the last 10 years.

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