PC542 UK 09 Index 27/9/09
- Before this see the 530t Ukraine Index and links page

UK Postcards
- 543 My Stomachs falling Out
- 544 Still Sick
- 545 Science/Thinking Festival podcasts 29/10/09
- 546 Crohn's Disease ? 29/10/09
- 547 Still stuck in the UK - no diagnosis 29/10/09
- 548 Survived Christmas 1/1/10
- 549 Time Slipping Away 5/3/10

See the Opinion blogs
- 466 etc

Some useful stuff
moneysavingexpert.com - Don't buy anything beforehand checking
- Tips
- Main free stuff list
- supermarket-coupons
- tesco forum see last one
- UK Hotel Booking, Which Magazine lists a cheaper booking engine Alpharooms.com

good holiday offers from UK

- BEST Pamphlets of Walks in Yorkshire , nationaltrail leaflets to download
- commercial sites with some free walkingbritain, walkingworld, www.trailroutes.com some free routes

Days Out :
- you can get cheap tickets with Tesco clubcard
- www.daysout.co.uk seems like not bad deal lists many attractions and and you pay 5/10 quid year and get free vouchers

- www.megabus.com
- www.thetrainline.com
- Derren Brown
- eastmidlandstrains Sheffield to london 5 offer
- Exchange and Mart now only available online, but you can search by your area
- alditravel.co.uk
- travelsupermarket.com "Which" says it the best UK Flight site

- bbc.co.uk/lincolnshire linc list of venues
- BBC Radio Humberside events BBC Radio Lincolnshire events
- ITV Calendar events - Look North Events
- LWT Events http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/events/events.php?month=July
- SchNEWS - Party & Protest - demonstrations, festivals, campaigns, benefit gigs, film screenings, meetings
N Lincs Events
Hull Events
Lincs Events
Lincs Events
Lincoln Events
Gainsborough events
- Scunthorpe Telegraph Obituaries
- Scunthorpe Telegraph Obituaries alphabetical list

There's a lot of good TV and radio (98% is crap, but with 484 TV channels there is some good stuff) and some things you learn
UK TV listings can't log from IE

Rationalist Connections
- Rationalist, freethinkers, skeptics ..humanist, secularist,

- National Secular Society
- UK Brights
- New Humanist Magazine, Rationalist Association, good events list
- centre for enquiry
- London-Brights now not very active, All UK

- I see RyanAir gave away loads of free flights and they paid the taxes in an offer which was only for a few hours last Friday

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