182 the Brecon Beacons

Walked over the hills to Ystradfellte. Walked around the waterfalls etc and helped the warden Gary.

Left to help out at the Pontardawe Folk Festival. After we cleaned up the site I went onto walk on the Gower Penninsula near Swansea. Then onto Hobo hostel at Tredegar to see some of the industrial heritage.

Decided to investigate Read about the Bunkfest at Wallingford on the internet it sounded good a community folk festival involving musicians on the local steam railway and headlined by Chumbawamba

It was pretty well organised and we managed to get the sites all cleaned up within 24 hours. (at least 7 people had taken a week of work to help out)

There was a youth hostel nearby at Streatly so I went there and walked part of the Thames path through the gorge and part of the Ridgeway. There was another youth hostel at Winchester and since it was heritage weekend with lots of buildings open for free I went there. But it was an old style hostel in a watermill with noisy dorms so I went onto another near Stonehenge.

Someone was going on to the Quaker hostel at Jordans in Buckingshire. As with last hostel difficult for people on foot. I went onto my parents house to update my website. And put some photos on like more Panama photos and some more class photos on the class grouppage.

Probably I'll go onto London to see some stuff at Conway House and to get a plane ticket

just one of the nearby waterfalls

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