THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE ! Vilma was refused entry to the UK; even though Venezuelans are allowed to stay 6 months without a visa. The reason they gave was that they didn't believe she would leave when her 6 months expired. So they put her on the plane back to Frankfurt and I dashed 300 Kms home got my passport and flew out to meet her.

Dusseldorf.. The British Embassy was in dusseldorf so we went there to find about getting a "prior entry clearance document", unfortunately the Embassy were badly informed they claimed such a thing didn't exist and that we should just try to cross by ferry back into the UK.

Dusseldorf is much nicer than I expected it is quite silmilar to York..We had Bratwurst, frites and red wine by the river.

Haarlem : I knew it would be difficult to find anywhere to stay in Amsterdam so we went to haarlem...We ended up staying in a castle !

The Youth Hostel in a castle


On Saturday night we took the nightbus to London. When we got off the busin Ramsgate the customs man said we should have got a "prior entry clearance document". He phoned Heathrow and found that the real reason why Vilma had been refused entry was that in one of the letters I had sent to Vilma there was the sentence "it's easy to work illegally in the UK", they extrapolated this to mean that she was going to work illegally, but it seems they cannot refuse someone entry on this suspicion so that is why the reason given for refusal was that that they didn't believe she would leave when her 6 months expired. I had asked at the time if Vilma was permenantly banned and they said no she could come if the circumstances changed. So I assumed that because I was coming in with her the second time the situation had changed; but the officer told me the circumstances had not changed as she had still received the letter..Surely since you can't change the past that did mean she was banned from the UK.... They put her on the boat back to Ostend in Belgium.

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