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There are some good writers in Singapore (though most of the mainstream stuff deals either with horror or titillation)

90 % "The Teenage Workbook" : Adrian Tan A funny account of teenagers life in Singapore. It gave me a real insight into the culture It has a great sense of humour, "everyone grows up, well...except for DJs...".
brilliant : look out for him

"The Belly of The Carp" : Roger Jenkins : I've only actually heard one poem from this book, it was pretty good and I would recommend it based on the fact that everything else (performing/teaching)he does seems to be so good.

"Love at First Byte" : Lin Hsin Hsin : A book of poetry about computing ? Yes and pretty funny too. She has one poem which is 6 pages of trying to enter the date into a computer program correctly I'm sure we can all relate to that frustration.

60 % "No Money No Honey" : David Brazil"No Money No Honey" : David Brazil, An interesting account of prostitution in Singapore.which gives you some insight into Singapore culture. (Schoolgirlsturning to prostitution to buy Swatches) Lots of people havetold me he's a dirty old man whose found an excuse to visit lots ofbrothels. Maybe they're jealous they didn't think of the idea first.

70 % "Excuse Me ..Aren't You A Model ?" by Bonny Hicks, A lightweight ,butinteresting account of a young girls 2 year rise to life as a top model.It gives some insight into Singapore culture and isespecially interesting if you read between the lines.

65 % "Bugis St, The Novel" : Koh Buck Song - An fictitious story giving an account of the people working in the old bar area at the time the area was just being closed for redevelopment. A little lightweight, but OK and it gives some insight into Singapore culture.

40% "Love, Sex and Understanding" : Lex Soh A lot of singapore novels seem to have sex and infidelity as their theme. It's a little racy ,but not a "must read".

40% "Sex Lies and Saucy Tales" : Daniel Chew Pretty lightweight read, but who can resist redaing stories of infidelity in Singapore, which the author swears are true.

55% "Teachers" : Irwin Seeb - Stories about the lives of fictious Singapore teachers. OK ,but not great literature.

66% "Deadline For Love" : Catherine Lim - Short stories giving an insight into Singapore life and culture.

50% "Dirty Money" : Jonathon Khoo . The author an ex foreign exchange dealer uses his experience to create a novel and confirmsour worst suspicions about the business. Gives some insight into sex and entertaining in Singapore.

56 % "Isn't Singapore Somewhere in China Luv ?" Josephine Chia Over - Shortstories about Singaporeans travelling. It's OK.

"Bugis St, The Novel" : Koh Buck Song

"The Lady Of Soul and Her Ultimate "S" Machine" : Tan Tarn How
OK This is the book of the play. It tells the story of a fictious island state, where there is economic success, but the government realises there is no "soul", and sets out to make a plan to mdo something about it with the help of a local brothel "madam". The story is not so bad , but by far the most interesting part of the book is the appendix at the back detailling the battle of the artists to get the play shown without the changes wanted by the government censor. The end argument is that oepen censorship is better than hidden.

"Modern Malaysian Short Stories" : Lg Singko , best ones Miao Hsiou and Hsiu Hsiu ( a harrowing story of how a girl is led into prostitution)

"So Lucky"- Hugh Hickling a short story about being trapped in the Cameron Highlands

Han Su Zim -"Lands of Change and Cruelty"

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