PC609 With Vilma
Thu - Ostia Antica & traveling to Terrecina
- I waited all night at the airport & the cos of checks Vilma was 1 hour late coming off the plane. We had all day to get to Terrecina since it's much cheaper to get to Rome via Ostia I decided we might as well stop off at Ostia Antica archaeological site en route & arrive at the campsite in Terrecina in the afternoon.

Explore thru Bing maps VERY GOOD

- With my backpack I can walk easily, but with Vilma's wheelie suitcase we had hassle with stairs & bridges

- We got behind schedule & transport was complex, we had to get to the Metro to go to Rome, then wait a long time for a Terrecina train. So we arrived at 7pm instead of 3pm & worse still the stupid station bus, refused to stop outside the campsite. We were stuck in the centre with a 2Km walk to the campsites. Vilma was a bit annoyed she had high expectations that we could step off transport straight into a hotel.
- Since Terrecina is one of the beaches nearest to Rome hotels are expensive. It took me an hour to find one for €40 & that was a big walk... Vilma more annoyed.

Fri - Terrecina - Sabaudia - Sermoneta
- I had the lecture at 10am ... So we went for a quick look at the beach... "Oh I didn't know there was a beach here" Vilma hadn't read my emails.
- The hotel is 500m from the hotel. "Go down there and turn right", said one man. 500m later no college. Calls from Marcello We should have turned left "Damm instead of being early we are late. " I felt embarrassed, but fortunately in Italy people don't expect you to be on time.

- I think the lecture went OK. Then we had to work out what to do next. I'd been upto the Jupiter temple, but I guessed it was too far for Vilma to walk. In an ideal world we would have spent another night in Terrecina visiting the ancient upper town etc, but with Terrecima being expensive I decided we would sleep in Sermoneta. So the route was Sabaudia to Fossanova station to Latina Scalo station.

- We went for lunch at a rosticceteria .. not great

Fri pm - Sabaudia

- Mr Marcello Azzoli was great since his wife teaches at Sabaudia he gaves us a ride there. Again with Vilma's wheelie case we couldn't walk to the 1Km to the National Park. Unfortunately Vilma was not as fascinated by the phenomenom of Sabaudia as I was & it was lunchtime in the hot sun, so we walked upto the bus terminal & took it too the train station.
- Again I cut out Fossanova Abbey as that 2Km from the station & we'd see plenty of churches later.
- Sabaudia photos from last time I visited PC607b

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