(e) Calcata
Walking back to Rome on the Via Francigena
Sat - Arrive in Calcata
- very lucky to get a ride with a teacher from near Calcata, he spoke real good English cos his girlfriend is from Ireland. He invited me to his friends party.
- Wow it's one of those places like Sermoneta where you seem to know about half the people who live there within 30 minutes of arriving.. Got some info from the museum then I strolled down to the birthday people and people were very friendly.
- There was a roast pig and wine and we all put some money into the house

Sun - explore Calcata
- I'd gone 1Km north along the valley to camp. In the morning I walked even further along the track . There were signs of wild pigs, but noting exciting , so I came back to the town to explore.
- A Dutch woman from the party had invited me to come to her cafe for breakfast . Very lucky cos she let me use the internet, so I made contact with Vilma.
- This week finding internet has been a major problem : I have to plan my own walk, get info from Vilma, try to set up CS hostings for us both, and try to plan our travel for next week.

- I already knew that the one thing you don't want to do in a place like Calcata is arrive on Sunday cos that's when all the tourists from Rome will come ..so the atmosphere won't be good
- Once again another top tip from Marco - Calcata is an amazing place, just look at the setting. . During the war it was some kind of Mussolini stronghold, but after the war the government forgot about it ..and since there were no jobs almost all the locals left ..In the 1960s, the emptied historical centre began to be repopulated by artists and hippies who squatted in its medieval stone and masonry structures. Many of the squatters eventually purchased their homes, the government reversed its condemnation order, and the residents of what had become an artistic community began restoring the ancient town.

- but I can see that the property investors and tourist business people have started to move in so ..it's on it's way to getting spoilt , before it got restored.

- I went on the path which takes you down to the valley and then up to an old church overlooking the town. ..good views .Then back down the river and west to eventually come out at a Narce Acropolis archaeological site ..then up to the Etruscan castle and back past the Fred Flintstone house carved into the rock under the down and back into town, which was now filled with Sunday daytrippers

Sun - Etruscan Ruins
- With a map I had a new plan.. There is an ancient path going south and then an ancient Etruscan tomb .. I could take that and then eventually come into Rome at Prima Porta
- I left the town at about 5pm by 8pm after walking through woods and canyon on an ancient footpath I was at the spot of at Etruscan tomb. I found it after 15 mins of looking around ..
Wow there it was : the Etruscan tomb just like it's been for over 2000 years no fence no door just a stone chamber with 2 stone coffins inside ..amazing to think and I can just walk straight in.

I think it's Tomba di Monte Stangone or Monte l’Altare
.. I did think about camping inside, but it would have been a bit creepy. I walked a bit further and camped in an olive orchard

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