(d) Sutri
Walking back to Rome on the Via Francigena
Fri - Sutri next

- As I walked to Sutri someone in a car stopped and said "you are so slow I saw you 5 days ago are you doing 1Km a day." He's exaggerating I only started walking 4 days ago, but with sightseeing, Italian government offices progress today was slow .. In total 9Km maybe
..Then arriving Sutri at 5pm I found the ruins only open in the morning so have to wait until tomorrow anyway. I did vist the church crypt .the first time I had been in one in Italy. You can see it has a totally different feeling , much more like a Roman temple.

- Sutri - was something special.. yes it had the medieval rock pinnacle town, but the town was clearly an Etruscan city. this is the first time that i had heard this term . The Etruscans existed before & at the same time as the Romas, before eventually being absorbed into the Roman Empire.

- This is a lavatorio an old place for washing clothes, so I washed my clothes, but I think it's supposed to be a fountain now

Sat - Etruscan Ruins

- washing then -
- The achaeological Area : the houses, temple and even amphitheatre are hewn from the rock a sign of Etruscan places....

- Mitreo - The special thing is the pre-Christian Roman mithraeum temple, later converted with frescos

Wow I didn't notice there were pics of pilgrims

- Etruscan style grottoes

- This has to be one of the oldest amphitheatres in Italy.. It's been carved out in situ. So that makes it this amphitheatre special ..all except 2 others are made from bricks or blocks.

Sat - Continued walking the Via Francigena
- I walked along the road. I still didn't have any good information or maps, there was no internet in Sutri. There was a sign after the amphitheatre, but it seemed to be pointing the wrong direction so I walked along the road. I have only just found that I screwed up and should have followed the sign. the route I took was boring and quite a lot of traffic.

- Arrived in Monterosi, after all the interesting places this was quite boring, Next plan was to head towards Calcata a village Marco had recommended. When I got to the autopista junction I hitch- hiked and was very lucky to get a ride with a teacher from near Calcata and he invited me to his friends party.

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