(c) Walking back to Rome on the Via Francigena
- Thu - Continued walking the Via Francigena

.... Started walking ..to San Martino (thanks to hotel who let me use net)

- Which route shall I take ? The guy at the cathedral had said that the route splits after San Martino, but he didn't explain it clearly. I now understand what is happening
..actually there are 3 routes :
1. straight up the steep hill then down the west side of Lake Vico and around to Roncigliano
2. straight up the steep hill then east to come down gradually above the the east side of Lake Vico and around to Roncigliano
3. come southwest out of Viterbo to Vetralla.. well west of the lake ..this is much easier and longer as there are no hills ..it's the main traditional route, but these days it also has the most cars.

- Marco had recommended Lake Vico and since route 1. was the shortest that's the one I chose

up up up...In this town every road goes UP and down to Lake Vico
- 8 hours walking for less than 20 Km

- I would guess 2 things : 1. that in ancient times the lakeside would have been marsh so people wouldn't have walked there, rather they probably used to boat across the lake for easier and quicker travelling.

- I got to the south east corner of the lake 2Km before Roncigliano & camped in what i know now was probably an ancient Etruscan cutting road.

Fri - now down down down to Roncigliano
.. In this town every road goes DOWN. It took me 90 minutes to get a map from the town hall (welcome to Italy). Then it was 1.30pm before I finished on the internet.

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