(b) Viterbo
Viterbo : North Lazio
Tue - Viterbo
- I went for another walk around Vitorchianco ..and tried to get map information ..I thought about walking the back way to the Roman theatre at Ferrento, but decided it would be better to go via Viterbo so I took the bus through another rock pinnaicale town Baganaia. When I arrived in Viterbo I went to get info, but the office wan't very good.

- so walked old town .. Just another medieval old town to me

- I went to find Marco's friend Andreas Spicciani at the restaurant he owns. He was very busy, but treated me to a full restaurant lunch, and gave me very good tips on how to get to the wild natural hot springs 1Km from the town and the red river and Ferento Roman theatre.
- Then met I Viviana who let me use the internet at her shop.
- I met Elena another tourist from the north of Italy, so we explored together. I tried to get some Via Francigena info at the cathredral, but the expert was confusing

- Later - Thanks to Andreas- I found 2 sets of free outdoor hotsprings 1.5Km West of Fauri Gate, other 600m further on corner of military base and Tuscania highway.

- wow it's amazing in super commercial Italy that these pools are just there on open land for anyone to use.. I imagined this would be a good place to bring Vilma to


- I was trying to get in touch with Vilma about plans. It's obvious to me that in Italy the touristic places are spoilt by over tourism, but there are some good things and a better atmosphere off the beaten track, so I wanted to go back and show Vilma some of the places I had been to like Terrecina, Sabaudia and all those rock pinnacle villages. So I had to plan a route & send out a lot of couchsurfing requests cos I was hoping we could meet local people
- Only thing is being Italy when I got to the internet cafes they'd often be closed ..cos it was lunchtime or Sunday etc

Basic Plan
1. South Lazio : Terracina (for history and beach),
- Sabaudia for Mussolini Fascist era project and architecture, Sermoneta (for the castle and artistic community)
2. Rome (Vilma wants to visit main sites)
3. North Lazio : Calcata (for the castle and artistic community), Surti (for Etruscan ruins), Viterbo (for medieval town, sitting in the free outdoor thermal pools, visiting Agua Rossa.. red waterfall)

Wed 25 - Viterbo - exploring more

- I went back to hot springs , washed shirt, internet.
- I went back to that Info office - finally she said there is a provincial tourist office at Porta Romana FS .. See information is difficult in Italy ..they had free maps .
- I went back to Machina museum , miniature copies of the huge belltower designs that they carry through the streets in the September parade.

- Then took bus 5 6Km north to Ferento - abandoned Roman Theatre

- I walked 1.5Km back to Aqua Rossa. At a bend in the road there is a bridge over the iron river and 20m down a path a mill with a waterfall and a 1m wide canyon stained red from this iron. - (strangely there are no photos on the net and the tourist office tried to discourage me from visiting ..she said it was miles away from the road and diffcult to find)

- back in town I tried to visit schools to set up classes, but nothing happening. So I decided to start the Via Francigena walk the next day... I walked out of town past the hospital to camp in a good position.

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