(a) CS Farm Party & Bormarzo
Walking back to Rome on the Via Francigena
Sat - CS Farm Camp in Attigliano
- In Danilos car ..we arrived at the farm about .70Km north of Rome at 4pm.

- The organisers had done a real good job, othey had bought a load of food, beer and wine and we all had to pay only 11 for the whole weekend. I was looking forward to all the games and stuff they had organised ..There was to be pizza making and a thing called a "fox hunt" a kind of treasure hunt.

- We started off with a buffet in the barn. They had given us all a plate & cultlery to last the weekend, but this being Italy after about an hour there were plates lying about everywhere and rubbish building up. So I since I used to working at festivals I moved into festival steward mode. I know that if we don't stay ontop on the mess it turns into a disaster. Since alcohol doesn't effect me much I can be pretty boring like this at parties. (mind you when it started raining most people just stood around they didn't move other people stuff out of the rain) The weather was not good & people got pretty drunk so after the pizza making the games didn't really happen.
- I don't like to hang around in the middle of the night so I went to bed at 1am. There were about 70 of us camping across the garden.
- Sun - I spent most of the morning tidying up ..in the afternoon we did have a sack race which my team won of course, but then the rain came again.
- Most people started to leave cos they had to go to work on Monday ..Strange it was then they opened up and I started to meet more people. I met the organisers who had previously been too busy with all the stuff like Mattia, Anna from Poland and bubbly Nina the games organiser and some other interesting people. What I find in Italy is that most people are pretty superficial, but Italians who have travelled in foreign countries under their own power (walking or by bicycle) have an experience of life and better understanding

- Anna and Mattia shared a real great meal with me until they left. Mattia whose family own the house allowed me to camp and loaded me up with left over food ..wow

- I had to wait 10 days before meeting Vilma in Rome so I made a plan to first visit Viterbo and then start walking the Via Francigena back to Rome. People at the party said that Bomarzo a 400 year old rock carving "theme park" recommended by Marco was 5Km away,

you can actually see Bomarzo castle from the house so I made that my first target on the route to Viterbo.

Mon - Bomarzo 400 year old rock carving "theme park"
- I Left farm and walked down to Attigliano ..a bit of an old medieval town ..but not so much to see. Then towards Bomarzo .I diverted to Mugnano a fortified rock pinancle town (it seems there are dozens here). It was a tiny rock pinnacle meieval town with no tourists ..as I walked away the bus driver offered me a lift.

Bomarzo: the 400 year old theme park of strange stone sculptures was 10 so I just went around the outside.

Mon - Bomarzo

- Next walked on upto the castle and quiltwork exhibition. walked through the rest of the town. Nothing much.

view from the other side

Mon - Vitorchianco - rock carving town
- After getting to the highway .. a car stopped and asked if I wanted a ride. It was by coincidence another CSer Emanuele D'Orazi and we stopped off and got some cherries at his family orchard. I had no map, but Emanuele recommended that I must visit the next medieval stone town Vitorchianco (Vit- turk-iano) cos in honour of it's history they had invited Easter Island stonemasons across who had carved a moai.
- Today hitch hiked 3 times ..2 of those times people asked me first ! wow more kind that normal in Italy

- He dropped me at the junction : quickly some building workers stopped and gave me a ride to the moai

- There you get a view of the town

- I went in the local bar, but as usual in Italy people were more suspicious than friendly, but interesting to walk around the town. Another photo

When I saw a view like this I decided to divert to check it out,
but actually dozens of villages in lazio are fortified rock pinnacle villages like Mugnano

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