PC607g Tivoli & Rome
My walking the Via Appia experience

.. after 2 weeks walking the Via Appia I have reached Rome
Fri- Tivoli & Rome

- So I started in Tivoli. I had camped 1.5Km away from Hadrian's Villa, but I never saw any sign so I missed it. I took the bus past the Tempio della Tosse and up the hill and walked to the Villa d'Este, but it was €20 to go in. I didn't actually realise it wasn't a Roman Villa but rather a 1560 Cardinals palace & gardens. I wasn't really interested anyway and since I thought it was a rip off price I walked back to the bus.

back in Rome

- The bus linked to the metro system so I took it back to the internet cafe and found a guy called Danilo was offering me a lift to the CS weekend camp so that was Saturday sorted out. I took the metro to Circo Massimo and then walked the Via Appia Antica to catch the pasts I missed yesterday. Passed the Caracalla. Down the VIa san Sebastiano through the gate, passing the walls which were of course closed to visiting (welcome to Italy) ..down past a huge tomb (Sepulchre Priscilla) . Then you come up a path through a park to the 3 sets of catacommbs ..First the Catacombs of San Callisto (Good Info) .. packed with Christian tour groups, but it's creepy to me to go and look atpeoples bodies and skeletons so I didn't go in, Then a bit further to the San sebastino Catacombs where I'd got the bus yesterday. So this time I took another road across some parkland where there were more ruins. I had to stop and wash some clothes while I had the chance. I came to the Tombe Latine another large Roman ruin, which is on the New Via Appia , but it was closed when I got there, so I went to the supermarket. I took a bus along the New Via Appia to see the aquaduct, but it was too late to visit it so I went further out to the racecourse to camp back on the old Via Appia.
good Pictures on this Via appia page, more

- I walked back to the racecourse & got a train back to Roma Termini within 12 minutes and go the metro over to the other side of the river and past the Vatican. so that I was in place well in good time to meet up with Danilo ..but one German girl was almost an hour late. But anyway after about an hour driving we got to Mattias house before 4pm for the party.

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