PC607f Via Appia Antica
My walking the Via Appia experience
Thu - Suddenly in Rome

- OK I walked down the road as it zigzagged onto the main highway into Rome .. I had a coffee, there were a few ruins, but now the traffic was too busy for walking. There was an internet shop, I needed I had to set up a couch for Thursday in Rome so I could go to the CS meeting and I also wanted to attend the CS weekend camp in north Lazio. But the connection wasn't working.I waited for a bus, but then decided to walk to the next stop ..but then as I got there I found actually I was at the start of the Via Appia Antica National Park at Frattochie.

- They produce quite a good Appia Antica leaflet

Some photos

- The last section Of the Via Appia consists of 20Km of preserved Roman road running out of the centre of Rome, mostly there is no traffic at all as the highway runs a few hundred metre parallel
good Pictures on this Via appia page, more

NOW read the page from the bottom
cos I am coming from South to North

Part 6 - Arrive at the first of the catacombs, by now everything is closed anyway. So we hop on a city bus through the San Sebastion Gate to Circo Massimo. The Colliseum is just 500m North East of there. I hop on the metro at Circo Massimo get in the Cyber cafe and then get to the CS meeting.

- But The CS meeting wasn't very good. I didn't realise that Cs is really a dating thing in Italy, so the meeting people stuck to there own cliques, I kept asking around for a last minute couch, I did meet a couple who said yes. But after I spent €15 buying them coctails they disappeared..

- I ended up walking down the street after midnight and when I saw a bus marked Tivoli where Hadrian's Villa is 40Km out of Rome so I jumped on it. It was full of Ukrinian immigrant works etc. I got down just before Tivoli and camped near some huge marble quarry.

Part 5 - First pass another round ancient hunting villa. Then the Villa di Massenzio which has the big chariot racing circo. I am walking along the road in front of it and we are beginning to see glimpses of the city.
Part 4a - We are passing the Quintelli Villa ..but the entrance is from the other side on the autopista

Part 4 - Now crossing a road and beginning to hit the tourist zone
- straight away is the first real big almost complete ruin. The casal Rotunda. there appear to be a couple of blokes there with prostitutes.
- I met a Dutch tourist who very kindly shares his water. He asks where I am staying. I tell him that I'll camp soon and then walk into Rome on Thursday to go to the CS meeting...He say's "But today is Thursday" ..damm somehow I lost a day !
- It's 4pm We start walking together the 10Km into Rome

Part 3 - Now passing a castle like tower with some forest on the right
I can see a big aquaduct now
Part 2 - Now passing some big burial mounds etc
- pass the first tourists they are on a scooters and lost
Part 1- 12.30pm After walking from Castelo Gandelfo over lake Albano I walk a few more hours to a big autpoista and just as I am about to get on a bus find myself at the beginning of the preserved road of the old Via Appia National park . I started to walk past ruins. But at this point still 20Km south of Rome there were no other walkers or tourists.
- passing a few small towers etc.. and the road is open cobbles

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