PC607e Castelo Gandalfo & Rome
My walking the Via Appia experience
Wed - Albano Laziale
View of Albano showing the Via Appia Route going into town and past the amphitheatre and above the lake.
- Ripped off at at the museum The bloke said, "let me show you around ", He showed me a church with pre-Christian plaques and a mosaic, drove past the Roman Amphitheatre, open up the underground cistern, said I'll let you go around the museum on your own .. and then he said you can pay afterwards ..I thought "I'd better give him a tip aswell" , then the bastard brought me a bill for €25..Bloody heck the whole thing had been like 35 mins

Thu - Castelo Gandalfo
- I walked above the lake top and walked around Castelo Gandalfo where the Pope has a house & it was the the Vatican Observatory until recently. It was full of tour buses

- strange scam - There was a bloke sitting outside the tourist kiosk ..he claimed to be an architect waiting for a meeting about reburbing the squares famous fountain. I sensed a scam, but he didn't roll it out on me. An hour later he was sitting on the steps outside the tourist bus station as if he was planning to accidentally bump into a tourist.
Castelo Gandalfo

Thu - Suddenly in Rome

- OK I walked down the road as it zigzagged onto the main highway into Rome .. I had a coffee, there were a few ruins, but now the traffic was too busy for walking.

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