PC607d Norma & Cori
My walking the Via Appia experience
Mon -

- I was at the museum for about 5 hours ..When I was there a bus turned up with old British soldiers from the battle of Monte Cassino ..wow

- After I hitched into Latina.. I didn't spend much time there .. It's similar to Sabaudia, but less appealing ..more immigrants etc ..It was election day ..(Belusconi won ..as these towns are still a bit fascist). I got the bus to Latina Scalo where the train station is and then started walking to get back on my Via Appia walk

Tue - Norma
- Norma is on the edge of the highlands running parallel to the sea; obviously strategically placed and safe from the ancient malaria problem.

- Luckily as I passed a bus passed. It is famous for the walls of the giants. I walked around the old town and then found an old style laundry house where the old women do the washing. So I scrubbed my clothes.

- Then I went to the archaeological site to visit the big walls.

It was the first time I saw official European pilgrim waymarker onthe Via Appia

- I set off to walk to Cori ..another ancient town. A policeman drove past me and gave me a lift there.

Tue - Cori
- Another medieval town based on pre-Roman foundations..

I walked around the old town and upto the ancient temple at the top. I never get lost in places, but this is one of the most disorientating places I have ever been. At the top you are suddenly in another town square as if you are in another town.

There is one pre-Roman temple halfwap up , signs of an ancient city been built on huge walls like Cori, and another temp[le at the top.

Great Photos of Rome Then I came back through the medieval part and back down to the other town square. I took a bus out of town and then walked to find a camping place near Velletri
Wed - Velletri, Genzano, Anccia, Albano
- waqlked into Velletri did the tourist circuit there. then Bused to Genzano and started the walk from there ..big views of the Lake Nemi

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