PC607c Ninfa, Sermoneta & museum at Latina
My walking the Via Appia experience
Sun - Ninfa overrated English Gardens

- I thought I would be one of the first people at the gardens, but when I arrived not long after 8am there was quite a queue. I handed over €10 expecting change, .. but it does cost €10 cos it's not like England where you can just wonder around..you have to go with a guide ... the other English on my tourists thought the same as me .. it was just like England ..and I wouldn't pay €10 just to walk around my own village ..Although the ruined castle buildings did add a bit of a special backdrop, to us the plants & flowers were nothing special.

Sun - Sermoneta & Arts Festival

- I planned to go to Sermoneta as there was a artistic festival there on Sunday night, but first I went to visit the bird reserve next door,to the gardens. As I walked around. As I was 1Km inside the reserve I thought I could shortcut the route to Sermoneta, but each side was protected by bushes and canals so after an hour I had to come back out at the castle and walk all the way by road.

- Sermoneta sits ot top of a rock island overlooking the land which used to be mosquito infested swamp. This type of stonebuilt fortified town sitting high up on rocks is quite common in Lazio state whcich was always the state controlled by the Popes when other states were contolled by nobles or foreign powers.

- After 3 hours I got to the base of the hill. and was lucky to get a lift with Francesco & his father up the hill ..then I seem to meet half the town Massimo the organser, Alexia Marco's friend she recommended visiting the special museum at Latina

- and then Marco and his father came across so I went back to stay with them.

Photo of Ninfa gardens taken looking down from Norma village
Mon - Museo Storico Piana delle Orme
- Marco dropped me off at the Museo Storico Piana delle Orme Wow way better than most Italian museums with their boring glass cases. It a huge chickenfarm redone with all the barns now full of explanatory dioramas of the bonification and war stories

- I was there for about 5 hours ..When I was there a bus turned up with old British soldiers from the battle of Monte Cassino ..wow

- After I hitched into Latina.. I didn't spend much time there .. It's similar to Sabaudia, but less appealing ..more immigrants etc ..It was election day ..(Belusconi won ..as these towns are still a bit fascist). I got the bus to Latina scalo where the train station is and then started walking to get back on my Via Appia walk

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