PC607b Sabaudia : Phenomenom of Fascist Era New Town
walking the Via Appia to Rome
Fri - Sabaudia ..meeting Marco
- I'd picked up a leaflet about Sabaudia and it sounded interesting ... I made contact with CSer Marco. First I went around the National Park complex .. met some kind people at the National rangers training office. I left my bag there whilst I walked through the forest for an hour to get to the lagoons. It wasn't great the walk was just like walking in the woods near home and the mosquitos were viscious at the lagoon.
- This is the most interesting part of the Sabaudia phenomenon.. For thousands year the coastal areas of Italy were largely uninhabitable mosquito infested swamps. People would only come down from the mountains in the winter .. but then before the war Mussolini organised the bonification project where workers immigrated from Northern Italy and helped drain the swamps and erradicate malaria .. part of the project was the fascist architecture new cities. Sabaudia really does look different from other Italian towns with it's grid pattern of spread out new buildings ..it's like America. Actually Mussolini never planned any towns, his idea was that workers would farm their and live on their plots, but when the town got built and was popular he adopted the idea as his own

I walked through that triangle of forest from the visitors centre to the lagoon

- Marco came down on his scooter and showed me round and took me to his fathers house in one of the new villages which are part of the project. CSer Marco and his father hosted me

Completely different from normal Italy with Fascist era Art Deco Architecture

- Sat - I went back to Sabaudia for a proper look around ..not that much to see as I not so interested in the Art Deco architecture ..then I got on the bus to the station - you can't buy a ticket on Saturday lunchtime and no one buys a ticket from the driver cos the minimum price for even 1Km is €7. I wanted to visit the mathematics museum, but it wasn't open so I took the train to the first station of Sezze, as there is an amateur Ethonographic museum there ..quite interesting ..the gate was open and no one was around ..when I asked the neighbour about leaving a donation she invited me for coffee and cake..very kind .. I went onto Latina Station and then started walking towards the English Gardens at Ninfa Castle which all the Italians rave about. Marco had given me some excellent tips of places to visit like Ninfa and Sermoneta, especally since on Sunday night there is an Artistic festival. I camped nearby so that I was in position for the one day a week opening on Sunday

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