437t Exploring 4/7/08
Tues - explore north KTM- boring

-I wanted to explore the newly opened commuter trainline to the countryside 45Km north of the city center. But nothing great, the transport was expensive and there wasn't much to see.

- I lost an hor through bad bus connections - and didn't get off the train until 4pm despite leaving at 1.15pm after lunch. Also at 5.50Rm the train ticket was expensive. The 3 new stations I saw are all super high-tech.

- I first stopped at Batang Kali a town where the Scot's guards maybe killed 24 people during the time of the communist insurgency. They were not found guilty, but no public enquiry was held either. Maybe some kind of f-up the next village is called "surrender !", but with a different spelling. Significantly policy changed after that and the term "hearts and minds" began to be used. Instead of treating all villagers as suspicious the government began to focus more on rewarding villagers who cooperated by helping and protecting them.

- It sits at the base of the hills with a big road going up the Genting casino which sits bizarrely a block of concrete in completely natural scenary. I walked down this road and also around the Chinese hill village, I didn't find much interesting.

- Then I took a bus to Serendah and wondered through the houses and up a road through 2 basic Orang Asli villages after 2Km there was a huge drug rehabilitation prison on the other side of the stream. I guess they wouldn't put in a ruch persons neighborhood. (Apparently there is a water fall further up the road heres a small one I saw)

- I crossed and over a hillock found a 20 year old Malay housing development, there was a night market, again nothing special on the way down a retired soldier offered me tea and a ride to the highway.

- I got a bus to Rawang which was a bit chaotic and came back to KL by bus for 1.50rm. Same as on the way there travel time was 1.5 hours, but I had spent an additional hour finding and waiting for buses.

Wed - looking for an old tin Dredger
- I had spotted 2 thing on the satellite map a huge monorail factory and a huge tin mine with a huge dredger . Maybe the map was old, but I persuaded Selva to drive out nd check.

- Firstly the monorail factory isn't the new Scoma factory, but an abandoned one from the construction of the KL factory. A bit strange why would anyone build a completely new factory instead of buying this one. Secondly we didn't find a dredger. There were lots of quarries, but the gravel looks like water on the satellite map So I guess what looked like a dredger was conveyors going into buildings where they crush the rock. We came back via the lookout park into Ampang.

Science UK

- Science Cafes : Cambridge closed,
- Bishop stortford Monday about LH Colider
- Gallery http://www.photonet.org.uk/index.php?pid=158 - no sciencemeets listed
- British Library - http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/whatson/events/july.html nothing much
- http://www.danacentre.org.uk/events/2008/07 not much
-City Screen Cinema, York : First Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm. http://www.sciencecityyork.org.uk/community/events/cafe.html next one Wed 6th August

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