424 Busy Saturday part 2 14/5/2008

- Before this Busy Saturday part i. Bukit Tabur CS Trip (Melawati Hills) useful seminars.

ii. ITEX

- 2pm - inventions fair - not super interesting- mostly University projects, few real world stuff, except for the practical Taiwanese market people with their products to sell - massage glove etc . A lot of Iranian stands. Endless award ceremonies (I am surprised your cat and dog didn't win one), but no useful seminars.

iii Pusaka Show

- A surprise ... Pusaka is not preserving aborigine tribal music, but actually all about preserving Malay traditional music etc from dying out cos of increased religious conservatism frowns on old rituals.

- Far from being a liberal Eddin Koo is a Indian/Chinese who converted into Islam and then became an expert in the dying out traditional practices.

- The music today was Dabus : ritual chanting music similar to Sufi. Normally there would be dancing and then eventually people going into trance and performing pain defying body piercing like Thaipusam. Unfortunately these days the political situation is not such that an authentic performance can be performed in a government building it would be picked upon as damaging to Islam. So all we got was the chanting not even dancing and so as a spectacle it wasn't up to much .. I guess the thing is any form of performance helps keep the knowledge alive.

- Eddin next time you are in Kota Baru from Mydin go 500m South along the same road to the place where people bring their caged birds there is a squatter camp of Malays from Thailand. One lane further up I stayed at Zeks Homestay at night I often heard musicians playing together on a platform on the same lane , locals seemed to dislike this old music calling it unislamic. So maybe interesting to you.

iii. IAC Gig
- Wow this was like a music festival like the Alliance Francaise event in June. There were 3 stages with 8 bands each. All for free. It suffered the normal thing for festivals that loss of momentum when bands changed over so you go off to the next stage to find a band just ending there as well. Here they tried to fill the gaps with Nokia give aways, but it got a bit boring.

- No Crowds : This weekend DJ Testo was doing a minifestival at Port Dickson so all the KL kids were away. If Nokia had picked another weekend then the crowd and atmosphere would have been better, but perhaps Zouk would have been too small.

- They actually managed to get ahead of schedule so I missed the Azmir Yunor set. I saw Peter and Markiza and the Deserters

iv PJ Interactive Art Event @ Dram Projects

- I met up with Peter and Markiza and went out to S17. It was quite a bit alternative and wacky. I not sure I enjoyed it as I don't really understand art. Markiza got up and did some poetry. There were the people wearing the "I am not Azmir Yunor" T-shirts

- George says they will continue very 2 weeks

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