The Hospitality Club/ Couchsurfing Apartment
Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia

- CKTan is studying in Germany and since he loves the spirit of HC and CS he has left his apartment for members to use.
- It is 9 Km from KL centre (during rush hours allow 1.2 hours to get to the city centre & Puduraya Bus terminal and 30 minutes extra to find your bus so it's not so convenient for people who are just spending a day or 2 in KL)
- It is more suitable for longer stays.. maybe chilling out writing or resting

Advice : If you decide to stay in the centre see Info on Central Hotels and you can still contact us as we are experts about KL (first check : 30 things to do in KL - Tourist Info Links and - LIST OF EVENTS in KL ).
- We might even be in centre and able to show you around. Selva is particularly good at helping people doing/setting up business in Malaysia.

Time is money !
so if you want to make the most of it
.. Selva is here to help you
.. Complete KL Guide Service including Mercedes
$100US/day plus expenses

HC Travellers meetups : Selva has organised many meetups for local HC members and travellers to exchange ideas : contact him and he'll tell you when the next one is. (remove -nospam)
- See also - CS in KL calendar quiet good, - CS in KL notices, check the Malaysia Group aswell

The Apartment :
- Simple style - no hot water, TV or aircon here, but there are 3 bedrooms and 4 mattresses.
- There is no fridge or cooker but streetfood is available outside until midnight.
- Nearby Cheras Leisure Mall Area has many 24 hour services and a supermarket.

- Donation- CK provides the apartment for FREE, but there a few bills to pay like water, electricity and maintenance, so we ask for a donation of 3Rm/day per person.

- The Main rule is RESPECT other people ...details

Pls Telephone when you arrive in the city & at 9pm everyday so we know when to expect you back

- If you tell us in the email that you are interested in history or art, skateboarding etc we can let you know about any special events

View of the city 9Km away
Selva is in Charge

Selva is in Charge
click to enlarge

selva rana
Selva, and from Iran Rana and her brother

Some of The Guests

Yacko a visitor from Finland
Suzanne a local Member -->


All the KL Information

- Allow 2 hours during rush hours to get to from the apartment to the Puduraya bus terminal and find your bus

Getting to the apartment : first you need to get to Leisure Mall

- From Puduraya Bus Terminal / Chinatown /old city centre- Your bus will come up the road called Jalan Pudu and drop you on this road before the terminal.
- Cross over the road and walk back up Jalan Pudu to the Tong Shin Hospital.
- At the bus stop wait for a bus to Leisure Mall : Rapid KL Bus U40, U46, U49 (U buses use a 2Rm 1 day ticket, exact money) , or Metrobus 61, 62, 65 (1.50Rm change given).
- After 6Km there is a huge Tesco supermarket on the right. 2Km further on the left is Leisure Mall.

NB. for KLCC Twin Towers buses U46 and 62,65 go via Bukit Bintang when they come into town. From Bukit Bintang LRT you can walk through the Pavillion shopping centre to KLCC Twin Towers

- Don't use Mafia Taxis - most taxi drivers are OK, but in tourist areas like Puduraya Bus Terminal or KLCC Mafia Taxi drivers wait with Mafia prices, walk away and stop a taxi which is moving or take a LRT or Bus to another area first.

- Taxi Directions - Tell him Leisure Mall, Petronas Petrol Station, then Jalan Hartmas. The building is called Meranti call me when you arrive Taxis have meters and by law must use them, they use very cheap LNG fuel, so the fare should be 12Rm from the city when there is no traffic jam.

From Airport -"There is only one Airport and it's only 5 minutes from the apartment" WRONG !
- Tell us which airport, the KL area Population is 7.2 million people

- Air asia will always be late and it will take you 30 minutes to clear customs
..when you arrive call us from the airport : 016 940 1385

- 1 LCCT 70Km from the city (the budget terminal) used by Air Asia
...- 1.2 hours Budget taxi direct :coupon price: RM56.60 $17

- 2 KLIA the otherside of the same runway but it's 20 minutes drive between the 2 parts
...- 1.5 hours airport train to Bandar Tasek Selatan 26Rm then taxi 5rm
...or - 1.2 hour Budget taxi direct :coupon price : RM67.40 = $20US

OR - The EASY BARGAIN WAY from both are the bus services which take you to KL Sentral Station in an hour.

- Arriving after 10pm or leaving before 8am ? - the cheapest hotel at KLIA is $50US, so my advice is : sleep on the airport bench -

- 3 Subang Airport - used by Firefly - special transport exists

- Coming from the West Side of the City, Airports or KL Sentral Station.
- Take the KTM Train from KL Sentral Station to Bandar Tasek Selatan. last KTM is 11.15pm
- From there take the Rapid KL bus T405 or T407 (T buses use a 1Rm day ticket) to the front of Leisure Mall - a taxi would be 5Rm
- (From Putra Bus terminal use the nearby KTM station)

- Rapid KL buses stop at 11.59pm, bus U47 comes nearby, but it's route is to slow

smaller map

- To the Apartment From Leisure Mall

- From either side of the freeway at L Mall you can take T404 (every 30 mins) using a 1Rm T-day ticket OR - Walk - South East past all the shops to the main road going up the hill.
- Opposite the Animal Hospital take the steps going up to some houses.
From the top of the steps walk up to the corner and walk 250m straight south to a children's park.
- Cross the park and walk up the next steps to the compound of 3 buildings called Meranti.
- Walk East to the last building
- the apartment is in the middle on the ground floor A-G-7

Get to the Animal hospital

Then up these steps

Cross this park

The Steps just before the Apartment

Transport from the Freeway in front of Leisure Mall - a 10 minute walk from the apartment
Buses : from west side of Freeway
U40, U49 to Chinatown
U46 to Bukit Bintang
- U Buses cost 2Rm day ticket
61,62,65 to Chinatown 1.80Rm
.............. to Maluri LRT 0.50 Rm

Buses : from this side (east) of Freeway
T407 to Bandar Tasik Selatan to transfer to KTM Train for West side of KL & KL Sentral station to transfer to airport bus
- T buses cost 1Rm day ticket
Rapid KL buses run until 11.59pm, but sometimes a 40 minute wait - a taxi would be 5Rm
SJ Bus 11 runs to the countryside & hotspring

Bus T404 runs past the apartment, but it's not so useful, as it's no quicker than walking to the freeway bus stops- (If you take it from across the road from the apartment you can change to the other T buses to BST using the same 1Rm ticket)

Taxis - 70% of taxi drivers are OK. Be firm and using the meter journies are cheap e.g. Chinatown 9Km = 12Rm.
- (Taxis have meters and by law must use them, they use very cheap LNG fuel) 50% surcharge after midnight.

Light Rail LRT - last train is around 11.30 get down at Maluri or BST to transfer to a bus back to Leisure Mall.

satellite photo
Our apartment building is in the center at the end of Jl Lemak 1,
It is the top of the 3 blocks

Activities to do nearby :
- Jogging through the Police live shooting range
- Fridays - night market near Leisure Mall
- Saturdays - night market 2.5Km away on the highway into the city just after TESCO hypermarket
- Wednesday - night market Taman Connaught 1.5Km away. It's big, but not so interesting.
Cerana - The secret lake restaurant serves Malay Fried Fish

Info on Central Hotels : The main central areas are
- 1. Chinatown and Puduraya Bus Terminal (OLD area) - good for walking to tourist places , rooms are basic and cheap
- 2. Bukit Bintang (NEW area) - good for nightlife, rooms are nicer, but twice the price.

Chinatown Area
- Anuja - right in front of the bus terminal, free 6th floor roof garden, from 12Rm for a dorm bed - Tel (+60) (3) 2026 6479
- Le Village - next to Bangkok Bank - has a kitchen good atmosphere , from 15Rm for a dorm bed (03) 2026 6737, 013 355 0235, 012 279 1300
- Wheelers - one block west of the Chinatown street market and in front of the Reggae bar - has a roof top bar, party atmosphere , from 22Rm for a room (03) 2070 1386

Bukit Bintang (NEW area) -
- There are all the main business hotels, Selva maybe able to get you a discount.
- One block east from Jl Bukit Bintang is Jl Alor a street of Chinese Restaurants, another block east is Tkt Tong Shin. There there are many hotels 20-30Rm for a dorm bed. Behind the bars in front of Hotel Radius is a nice place called The Olive Tree.
- At the other of end of Tkt Tong Shin is Number 8 a topclass backpacker hotel.
- I see there is even a Korean restaurant/ karaoke/ Guest House called Sarang Bang.

- A very good listing - but expensive booking system walking prices are cheaper

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