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Thu - :Been watching some Skeptics videos
Including the work of James Randi. There's one famous one cos Don Lane just completely loses his temper, slashes all the things off the table and storms off, telling Randi to "Piss Off".

I can't find the whole segment anywhere on the net only an edited version and the way it is cut doesn't reflect entirely positively on Randi.
Yes you see Randi cheat by bending the spoon on the chair. You don't see the good paranormal tricks he's does before or know the fact that Randi was set up by Don Lane the presenter of an Australian show who was very struck by Uri Geller and especially Doris Stokes.. "She's a little old lady who would never lie to anyone". Lane was very pissed off by Randi cos he was touring Oz talking about how the stunts done by Don Lanes favourite Psychic guests could be replicated by a magician so he came up with a cunning plan: they lured Randi onto the show just to talk, but then they would whip out some spoons see Randi fail. ..ha ! ha !

Randi accidentally found out just before the show He had no chance to bring his own spoons prepare like Geller does, but still managed to demonstrate a few tricks anyway. Lane had been expecting a walkover.. he was already frustrated angry and shouting, when he saw Randi bend a key on the chair, then he completely lost it and Randi couldn't get a word in edgeways before Lane stormed off.

I also saw a couple of good of his debunking videos. - The Kungfu guy, who can move a pencil or a telephone book page by telekinesis- on the "What's My Line Show ?" he does this, but when Randi puts polystyrene pebbles around to detect blowing ..suddenly the power has gone ?

Uri Geller is a brilliant magican : In the video we see him on the early Johnny Carson show. Johnny Carson started as a magician so he suspected Geller of trickery so he consulted Randi before the show. Randi told them to be aware of Geller or his team preparing the spoons and watches so he told Carson to bring his own and not let Geller touch them. Geller is doing his spiel, but as soon as Carson says he can't touch them Geller's expression changes. Carson then lights a cigarette "and says take your time, no pressure, you choose what to do". There's a few moments of silence, before Geller says "it's not working. I feel tired. my energy level is low today ".

That terrible performance should have nailed Geller, but other shows were less circumspect, so his career rebounded. In fact recently Geller has been caught on camera cheating twice. In the Noel Edmonds show a secret camera catches him using brute force on a spoon and in an Israeli show he's caught red handed with a magnet on his finger.
Internet said : In his libel action against Randi - he tried to get Israeli magicians to testify that he had never performed as a magician, when actually he had started as a magician, before calling himself a psychic.

In addition Randi shows how by turning my back and covering eyes I CAN see what you are drawing... cos I have a mirror hidden in my hand.

He's a Brilliant magician & Entertainer, fooling a lot of people. But by giving credance to the paranormal he has done a lot of harm. People see Geller and believe then they see magic cures and believe when they should have been seeking scientific cures.

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