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Mon - went to see Rafique Rashid a Malay comic singer
..pretty good show, but no one there I'll recommend the next show on the 30th to other people.
Some sound Samples : Save me Datuk from the NEP, Pauline Hanson song.mp3, Led Zeppelim Malay style, Merdeka Song 1.4Mb file

Thursday - play : Screwed : by the Open Stage - theatre 11 playlets not great, but some good acting.

Not as dynamic or as tedious as last year's. Interesting how they tried to provoke the powerful moral minority who think wearing shorts is a terrible sin and any nudity in films should be banned. 2 of the 3 relationships portrayed were lesbian , a woman sitting of the toilet, a guy giving his performance in his undershorts, woman flashing their knickers and a woman talking about sucking dick.

Sat - KL a city in the Jungle ..Leeches, Monkeys, Rubber and Banana Planatations

Yesterday I decided to explore the east of the city I could see from the map Jalan Kolam goes right into the hills. So I took the bus to Ampung point and walked along Jalan Kolam past the golf course. There was a type of ape on the road much bigger than a macaque, about the size of an 8 year old child. At the top is the Mutiara apartment complex looking right over the city. I thought this looks like the place where Annie and her husband live so I should call them. I didn't have the number so it should have been easy enough to test Chi Keong and ask him. But my phone was not working even though I had credit on it and I'm supposed to get 100 free texts/month. It refused to send texts or make calls. And Despite them promising 2 times to change my account to English all the messages come up in Malay. next to the complex is a big water tower and if you climbed over the 2m security fence and climbed up the steps you get a fabulous view of the city.

Anyway by then I was at the complex and a storm was starting a Korean family lend me their phone. I phoned CK and he sent me the number, but when I called it there was no answer so I guessed Annie was not at home I left a message. As I waited for the rain to stop I realised the number he'd given me was Anis's not Annies. So I borrowed another Korean kids phone and phoned CK again. Then I phoned Annie from the security post payphone , which kept cutting out. I was wrong actually Annie's apartment was miles away. Coming back down I decided to follow a path through the forest to Ukay Heights. Surprisingly I found myself right in the middle of a rubber plantation then past the planters rubber tappers camp. When Anis called to ask if I still near her house. Of course I was 20Km from Anis's house ! Shortly after I came out in Ukay heights and had to borrow a lighter off the security man to burn off the 3 leeches that were now attached to my legs !

Sat -Free Malaysia Truly Asia Lightshow next to the Malaysia Eye 9pm everynight
I was at the Titiwangsa Lake last night it's a pretty good place to take visitors cos each night they show the Malaysia Truly Asia Lightshow next to the Malaysia Eye for free. Anyway I will go back tonight as I arrived just as the show finished 9pm-9.30 Titiwangsa Eye (big wheel) Pretty good show Lasers fountains projections show everyday (tip drinks at North of lake 1Rm or 5Rm near the wheel)

The Eye costs 15 Rm as opposed to 150Rm in London.

CS in Readers Digest April issue of Asia pg 80

http://www.thelmaandlouise.com womens travel board Couchsurfing gets a plug. Also a http://www.hospex.net/ "We publish at least two Directories a year - once in March (which tends to be the largest) and once in August/September. You will be listed in one of the two and, of course, will receive both and any other updates that our rising popularity might necessitate. The cost is $20 per year, $35 for two years. "

Sun - Laurence Oliviers Henry V - film
Went with CK to KLPAC. 1944 huge budget and special effects. The old films are so much better than the old

The film begins in very Shakespeare way as it's in the Globe theatre they are showing the play then it metamorphises to be on location. It doesn't stick to the original text as it was filmed in 1944 to encourage the war effort.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0036910/ The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France (1944)

Eye on Malaysia Show
After we ate durian at the market and went up to the eye.

Even though the posters say 8pm at 8.20pm the play the message "Ladies and Gentleman welcome the show will be starting shortly". They kept playing this message, but the show didn't begin until 9.05pm (in a massive rainstorm). Also the smallprint said the fireworks are only in January and February.
Videos good2.mp4 1Mb, good.mp4 0,5Mb , ok.mp4

It was still a pretty good show, though getting back by bus was a bit tricky.

The word Celt is meaningless
People keep using the word Celt, but this article points out The term celt is meaningless.. here
as it's use implies there was a race and/or culture in ancient times when it's not provable there was. When you talk about about French tradition Viking, or Slavic culture people know what you mean. But when people talk about Celtic Art or Celtic Religion it's not clear what they mean as there's no achaelogical trends etc.

"You've got black hair, you must be Celtic" ..well Italians and Greeks have as well.

It's used to put Wales and Ireland together and differentiate between England. When there's no evidence that in ancient time one Welsh village had the same religion as the next village never mind the same religions as villages in Ireland nor that anything was different in England. Instead of saying "I don't know" people attribute patterns when there are none.

Now is the Most Peaceful Time Ever : stephen pinker essay stephen pinker essay argues progress makes us peaceful and savages are not noble

http://www.abc.net.au/rn/counterpoint/stories/2007/1904564.htm happiness means different thing in different countries

It's the numbers stupid !
How much global greenhouse gases are generated by nature and how much by human beings ? Most people would think by human beings, but we are just not as powerful as we think we are nature is much bigger. Let's take away all plants from the calculations on the basis that put out CO2 but collect it up a night. So providing the don't die and rot they should be carbon neutral. And we still get nature as the biggest cause, cos rotting plants, animals breathing and the vast amount volcanoes put out mean nature puts out many times more CO2 than man.

Seems to me MMGW proof comes from tweaking computer models until you get what you want and then attributing cause and effect. Well you could do that with almost anything you could say more hamburgers are sold every year so that's what causes GW. Temperature on average goes up, but some years it goes down so just as CO2 goes up every year, I haven't heard of models that are able to predict the down years so they can't be very good models.

It's the numbers stupid !
BBC 1050 young road under 25 deaths each day 20-30 times more bad injuries People in the UK are angry about bomb deaths in Iraq they shouldn't happen, but surely road deaths are preventable apart from emergency journies, we don't need to drive. In Iran 70 people die in car accidents a day, yet no one in the UK seems angry about this.

Events coming up

26th King's Coronation Holiday

Thursday Gigs, Venue: KL Jam Asia, 19-1, Jalan 22A/70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Date: , 26 April 2007 Time: 8pm Admission: RM12 (Free button) Website: www.kljamasia.com

Filmmakers Anonymous 3 27 April 8.30pm Central Market

free Keletan shadow puppet shows at Fri- sat 8.30pm Instana Budya -

Sat 28th 8.30pm-10.30 Dataran Merdeka massive dance display etc for Kings Coronation Just seen practice of 500 kids/youths

- Monday 30th April Rafique Rashid the legendary troubadour and side-splitting comedian and writer of those naughty, subversive songs will be playing at No Black Tie, Jalan Mesui off Jalan Nagasari off Jalan Raja Chulan behind Istana Hotel

1st May Wesak Day ..Bhudda's Birthday

Mondays 8pm Film Club, Help University College Theatrette BZ-2 Pusat Bandar Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur Contact No : 03-2094 2000. Train : Bangsar (Putra) Pricing Admission by membership; RM60 (12 months, 50% discount for students); RM40 (6 months); RM30 (4 months), admission is free for Alliance Francaise members and HELP students

Some other free events Sundays 3pm KLPAC shakespeare films and discussion - next film is Titus

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