PC351 Back in KL

Strange to be back in a city I know so well, and so much more prosperous than Indonesia.

Sat - met up with CK, we ended up seeing 4 free concerts, incuding the speedzone rave at KL Tower- great except crap music and tobacco sponsorship.

Redzone Rave at KL Tower

Redzone Rave at KL Tower

Sun - Met up with Selva and Jeaney in Mines to see Selva's new apartment
Fixing PCs/internet

Time taken up with Ebay giving me the runaround
Can you believe as well as doing the telephone PIN thing twice, I had to change the email and ebay passwords 10 times as well as all the hassle of sending the faxes to England and spend ages doing the online customer support thing, all because their system thought someone had hijacked my account when all the time it was me advertising the Spanish Panama Classes.
Then when I did place the ad after 24 hours their search engine wasn't picking it up so I had to write again. After 27 hours all was OK. I thought then it didn't come up on a search again. We tracked this down to the fact that Ebay on lists items on Ebay worldwide sites if you say the posting is worldwide. Since Spanish classes are something you come to pickup in Panama I'd left that box blank.

Wed - met up with KL HC guys and people from Iran, Germany

Upto 100% of global warming scaremongers are wrong
The "upto" trick is used all the time in reporting to make things seem worse than they are, as well the easy attribution of almost everything to MMGW in an "of course way"

This week the BBC WS radio seems to be full of a load of Climate Change propaganda "well this lakes dried up in Mexico .. Well obviously that must be climate change".. Check your facts, you can't just assume that everything is Global Warming. BTW the Sahara got significantly greener a few years back ..is that GW and bad ?

ABC Radio plays an OU professor : "even in a fairly conservative scenario UPTO 2 billion people... "
- what double speak ! he says he's being conservative then quotes the top end, he could using the same data say "as few as zero people could be ..."

Business has jumped on the Green scare scam bandwagon
In Sydney they had "Earth Hour" an hour long switch off organised by WWF etc which was reported to be a great success by the SMH a Murdoch newspaper, yet a great flop by others newspapers and blog writers. Claims were made for saving a 10% of normal power, of course the real number can't be calculated. would not be much lower than normal cos of all the power used in promoting the events , candles and battery manufacture etc Certainly the TV and newspapers made a lot of extra money and used energy. What if they switched off production for a week ? Even their own estimates the carbon saved was the same as 2 people flying to London or a handful of cars for a year.

The earthhour.org website invited us to "Register for your chance to win a Toyota"
Murdoch's paper had a huge extra section full of advertising for all the companies green advertising the day before. My Climate Change pages

Wonder why houses are so expensive in the UK ?
When I was at KLCC Twin Towers the other day I saw there was a big "Plots for profit" display encouraging investment in land in the UK. If foreigners are speculating in UK land is there any wonder that UK house prices keep going up. I don't suppose they explain to them that the way the planning laws work agricultural land is worth almost nothing !
Strike at KL Tower 15/04/07
Friday ran up Bukit Nanas since it was 10.30pm decided to take the guided forest walk. I found the guides hut they were chatty, but when I asked about the walk they said go over to reception. There was a guide girl, but as ever no other customers only me . I expected her to be a forestry student or something, but she said she normally works behind the front desk and doesn't know much about the forest.

Later the guidehut guides told me that they normally do the tours around the forest, but the tours are halted for the time being while "improvements are made" aha ie presumably there must be a political dispute between the guide company and tower company.

There's a new good place opposite Maybank Tower called "Café 1"

It's a 24 hour 3 floor complex all AC with outside terraces, free wi-fi, 2nd floor bar. They seem to be tryiing hard with lots of free music nights and promotions like $5 beers, kopi and roti cenai for $1, sandwiches and chips $2.20, Steamboat $10 4 people. At night there's parking. I hope it doesn't close down, but one advage is apart from lunchtime it's never really busy.

Fri - PIKOM PC Fair, busy crowded 300 quid laptops, but nothing I need

Went to little India night market, got to Merdeka square just as marching band show finished. Datuk Seri didn't want to sit in at Press Conference .. I wonder why ? I laughed no one else did.

Sun - Walked to the Night Market in Bangsar .. now bigger .. the new shopping centre has a Arabic style Hamman

Mon - went to see Rafique Rashid a Malay comic singer ..pretty good show, but no one there I'll recommend the next show on the 30th to other people.

The card scam
people are still at work. There was a team stopped me on Lebuh Ampang short fat Philippina and Malay youth.

Thursday - theatre 11 playlets no great, but some good acting. Interesting how they tried to provoke with 2 of the 3 relationships portrayed were lesbian , a woman sitting of the toilet, a guy giving his performance in his undershorts, woman flashing their knickers and a woman talking about sucking dick.

Thinking of going to Colmar Berjaya hills resort
, but maybe not so good ? Bukit Tingi 14R, not much to see near Betong 10Km past Genting jn then left then 10Km further

Events coming up

Fri 20-21 Malaysia Nature Socs walk up Gunung Tebu in Teranganu NP is now next weekend ,

26th King's Coronation Holiday

Venue: KL Jam Asia, 19-1, Jalan 22A/70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Date: Thursday, 26 April 2007 Time: 8pm Admission: RM12 (Free button) Website: www.kljamasia.com

Sat 28th Dataran Merdeka massive dance display etc for Kings Coronation Just seen practice of 500 kids/youths

- Monday 30th April Rafique Rashid the legendary troubadour and side-splitting comedian and writer of those naughty, subversive songs will be playing at No Black Tie, Jalan Mesui off Jalan Nagasari off Jalan Raja Chulan behind Istana Hotel

1st May Wesak Day ..Bhudda's Birthday

Mondays 8pm Film Club, Help University College Theatrette BZ-2 Pusat Bandar Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur Contact No : 03-2094 2000. Train : Bangsar (Putra) Pricing Admission by membership; RM60 (12 months, 50% discount for students); RM40 (6 months); RM30 (4 months), admission is free for Alliance Francaise members and HELP students

Some other free events Sundays 3pm KLPAC shakespeare films and discussion

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