UMM course study notes for
One Thousand Homo Humpbacks by Panda Head Curry

Track (right click- save as) Background Coincidence
1. Samy - Samy is a very famous man who runs a language school
- He's won a lot of awards for teaching Malay
- There is a ethnic Tamil long term cabinet Minister called Samy Velu
- Malay sounds very funny when pronounced with a Tamil accident.
- "dadah" means drugs, "dada" means breast
2. Singapore Belongs to Malaysia - Cream rises to the top, but Singapore lies at the bottom of Malaysia
- Singapore is officially known as south island on governing party maps as South Island
- There was going to a new bridge so Malaysians could go shopping in Singapore, the project was cancelled when the Malaysian's found out that Singaporeans would be allowed to use the bridge aswell.
- Singapore doesn't have much sand & has been buying it in from neighboring countries, last year Indonesia banned export of sand.
- since separation Singapores economy has grown successful so that wages are 3 times higher there than in Malaysia
3. Singer Song Writers Suck PHC have vehment hate for this bunch of poseurs Panda Head Curry are part of Singer Songwriters
4. Gator Farm PHC like to eat Gator's and a whole lot of other things Malaysians put so much chili sauce on everything that it all must taste the same
5. Yahudi Hey "George Soros is an evil Jew who wants to destroy Malaysia, it's true" Anti- Jewish conspiracy books are prominently displayed in Malaysian bookshops. Apparently "the jews" started all wars, including the second world war when millions of them died in concentration camps !
6. Ahab Japanese only kill things for research PHC like whales
7. Homophobe the term "homosapien" is banned, "heterosapien is used instead" Liquid bar is a gay club in KL
Homosexuality is not illegal in Malaysia, but homosexual acts are.
It's probably way behind most of the world in equality and inclusiveness issues, so many people find themselves trapped into transexual prostitution
8. Sunat PHC's song in praise of Sunat
In fact they are licensed Sunat inspectors
one meaning of Sunat is circumcision ..this makes a great impression on Malay men
- In the song the boy has finished studying the "Jawa", and is looking forward to the ceremony when his penis will be chopped ...NOT
9. I wanna to be an Arab Malaysian women have taken to walking around with lots of flashy clothes and toys whereas Malaysian men have taken to wearing modest sombre clothes.. Or course I mean the other way around. The Arab couples you see often the woman appears all covered yet the man often appears in gaudy flashy clothes.. How is this modest ? Since Malaysia fell out with the West it has been looking to Arabia for friends & also traditiona Malay Islam is quite soft, so Arabs say you are not real Muslims you have to be more like us. As a result music, language and TV have come to have a strong arab influence.
10. Electroshock Electroshocks are not used in Malaysian police cells
11. Kongsiraya Kong Sri Raya is the son of three parents one Chinese,one Tamil and one Malay Kongsiraya - when the Muslim holiday Hariraya coincides with the Chinese new year Kongsi .. Some People racially tolerant began to celebrate the joint holiday "Kongsiraya", likewise combine Indian holiday deevali : deevali:raya Some religious authority people said that is bad contaminating Islam with other religions and callled for the term to be banned.
12. Singer Song Writers Suck Re-inforcement : Just in case you didn't get the message the first time around names all the singer song writer crowd
13. Worship Me PHCC are very jealous The press pick 3 current stars & build up artistes up to be like God's
14. Cinta Gelap
(Dark Love)
PHC are friends of Black Metal music bands and since everyone knows that Metal fans worship the Devil it's no surprise PHC have a "Dark Love" song readers of the Metro Harian newspaper would really believe that
15. Meng is Catholic Now ??? Meng had an accident with his zip and as a result has changed religion PHC aren't very aware if they think you have to be circumcised to be a Catholic
PANDA HEAD CURRY - Are leaders, of the Brown Power movement
- There were 50,000 people when they sang in the National Stadium in KL
- ......., actually they were singing at the back of the crowd while some "worship me" popstar was on the stage

This album is only available as a download. It probably wouldn't be legally allowed to be released as a CD in Malaysia, but the government once said the internet will never be censored in Malaysia .. Whoopee !

Words & Music, Panda Head Curry. Recording, Meng@Standing Wave Studios

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lyrics to Brown Power by PHC

Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
Brown Power ....
........... on and on

FYI, the arrogant bastards have apparently perished in flames. However, their bodies weren't found...and tachyon particles were detected at the scene. ***

Press Release. Rafil Elyas President Disarseter Records Sdn Bhd. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 27 September 2007

Lord and General Panda Killed in Building Fire – Memorial and Tribute Gig.

Global musical phenoms, philanthropists, spiritual gurus and technical geniuses, Panda Head Curry? were killed in a building fire in Balakong on 9 September 2007. Lord and General Panda? were evacuating the tenants, mainly orphans, feeble and wretched people when the building collapsed. Their bodies were not found.

Cowardly people snapping photos and watching while Lord and General Panda? rush into the building to save orphans and wretched people

Known for their ultra right wing, pro mufti Perak, fundamentalist, anti-vegan, homophobic and misogynic sing-alongs, Panda Head Curry? were embarking on their planet wide tour following the release of their latest album, “One Thousand Homo Humpbacks”. An announcement was made at a Central Market gig two weeks ago by CIJ Head Cheese Sonia R. According to Ms. R, the circumstances of the fire were dubious, she implied that “Panda Head Curry? probably started it themselves”. A baseless accusation by one of the Panda Head Curry?’s biggest detractors.

Claims that Panda Head Curry? owned the building and were hoping to cash in their insurance policy were complete slander. Panda Head Curry? did own the building, a testament to their generosity and philanthropy. It was the worlds first “Orphanarium”, a building that housed orphans from all over the world. Its walls were made of glass, so people could see the orphans at play and rest. People would stop by during lunch breaks where the orphans would put on skits and perform choral arrangements of Panda Head Curry? songs. The Orphanarium had an unparalleled adoption rate. Accusations that Panda Head Curry? were using the orphans for medical research were completely untrue and probably a CIJ smear campaign.

Panda Head Curry? hired wretched, homeless, the dregs of society, to staff the Orphanarium. “Look, everyone likes kids? Just because someone is labeled “schizophrenic” doesn’t mean he don’t like kids”, said General Panda? in a 2001 interview.

We are making this press release several weeks after the incident. This has been done to manage the grief of the planet wide grief. We feared Panda Head Curry? fans and disciples may riot and commit mass suicide, so we’ve been breaking the news slowly and in stages.

A memorial and tribute for Panda Head Curry? shall be held in Paul’s Place on 3 November 2007. This event is Invitation Only. Entrance is free. If you are reading this, consider yourself INVITED. If you would to attend, you MUST RSVP with an email to Please send in your (real) FULL NAME so we can get you on the guest list.

This event also coincides with owner, Paul Millot’s Birthday and Ben’s Bitches Album Release Party – A Disarseterous Conspiracy!

Lots of party games and party pack give aways!

Date: 3rd Nov 2007 (Sat) Time: 8:00 pm Venue: Paul's Place (map below)

Bands Ben's Bitches 360 Degree Head Rotation Onani Ciplak ETC A surprise totally kick ass band has yet to confirm.

Come, celebrate the life of Panda Head Curry? Paul’s nth birthday, and Ben’s Bitches Album Release (copies of the Mamak Conspiracy and other fine Disarseter Records products will be available for purchase). Please send questions or condolences to .