KL Events : updated 30 June 2008

- JULY IT's klfestival.org.my/ - mostly Malay events but some in other languages PDF lists 61 events
- The Weekend Sessions www.the-wknd.com mostly members of "Singer Songwriters"
- Sun 29th Venezuela week begins 11am with opening of Venezuelan indigenous photos @SGM until July 6th - lots of other Free events
- Mon 30th 8.30pm KL Dance Fest (dance from different MY states) TAR Hall @MTC

- The bar made of ice @The Sanctuary at the Curve , with ice sofas .. sounds amazing

- 29 to July 6 - Venezuelan Week - lots of free events - (We went last year : Those very hospitable Vzlns are spending some oil money mostly aimed at showing how fantastic Dictator Chavez is)
- Sun 29th 11am opening of Venezuelan indigenous photos @SGM until July 6th
- cooking class at the Sunway University College. Typical Venezuelan food: Black beans, shredded beef, fried banana and rice combination.
- July 2 to 5 : Venezuelan movie festival KL Library (South west of flagpole Dataran Merdeka) - The Archangel's Feather, On The Edge, Florentino and the Devil and To Play And To Fight.
- July 1-Aug 15 exhibitions 3D Indigenous Venezuela @ UM's Museum of the Asian Art
- July 15 conference on 'Venezuela: A Window to the International Dialogue” at the same venue
- lots of other Free events like music shows I expect www.venezuela.org.my or call 03-2163 3444.

- 3-6 July PLAY Air Con- Presented by the Instant Cafe Theatre, challenges and interrogates the hypocritical habit of turning youth into scapegoats in times of moral panic, about 2 schoolboys and a transvestite hooker in Kedah NOT FREE Mostly Malay

- Sat 5 Jul(2.30pm - 4.30pm) English language Writers' monthly Forum @Silverfish Bookshop in Bangsar FREE http://www.silverfishbooks.com

- Mon 7 Jul 8.30pm The Platform (test performances of short plays) @KLPAC FREE

- Thu 10 - Sun 13 Jul 8.30pm PLAY All In The Timing- by those students at Sunway who did Equus @ Sunway College Roof Top Theatre FREE must reserve 012-350 0626 / 012-6324657 Synopsis : What happens when a romantic chance encounter turns into a grammar lesson? Ever wished you could turn back time and try a different approach? Ever had a bad day when absolutely nothing went your way?
- All In The Timing is a collection of three selected short one act comedies - English Made Simple, Sure Thing and The Philadelphia - all written by David Ives, whose colourful characters go back in time, fall through black holes called Philadelphia and are thrown into a plethora of bizarre situations

- also there seems to be a Malay based fringe arts festival coming up Fri 11 - Sun 27 Jul 2008 Rhetoric-Retorika: KL Fringe Festival 2008 http://www.klfringefestival.blogspot.com

Online - bmwshorties.com.my Short Film Entrants

- - Malacca Portuguese Pesta San Pedro (festival) , begins 23 (Monday) with Festa San Juang on 24th and closes on 29th (Sunday) with 100,000 people at Festa San Pedro : Kristang songs, joget music, bright costumes and the blessing of fishermans boats. more http://asmaliana.com/blog/

- 16-20 September : Bolehman - Political Comedy @BSC

This Google Calendar tool is good you can select week/month or agenda view. You can also combine Calendars
SEE other Calendars ...Malaysia public Holidays, KL Couch Surfing

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- Mondays FREE MUSIC @ No Black Tie, Jalan Mesui off Jalan Nagasari off Jalan Raja Chulan behind Istana Hotel,
- First Mondays 8.30pm -test theatre at KLPAC FREE

Loads of Events at the Attic - In a hidden row of bars between Bangar Village & Bangsar shopping 03-2093-8842 web

Mondays 8pm Film Club , Help University College Theatrette BZ-2 Pusat Bandar Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur Contact No : 03-2094 2000. Damansara Town Centre U83 from KL Sentral, Metrobus 6 from Masjid Jamek, 22c Pricing Admission by membership; RM60 (12 months, 50% discount for students); RM40 (6 months); RM30 (4 months), a

every Wednesday FREE premium cocktails for the ladies @Ruums (surely it's full of prostitutes ?) It's a girls gone wild affair, with pole-dancing competitions. What's more, every group of five ladies gets a bottle of Bacardi Limon, 25Rm for men

1st Thurs new Comedy Lounge Bar Savannah in Mont Kiara 40Rm inc beer 9pm

2nd Thurs - MOONSHINE acoustic series every month at Laundry in The Curve, Organised by singer-songwriter Reza Salleh."

- Friday Night Lecture Series @ the Islamic U ?STAC, surely they don't get many people, as most people are down the pub Friday night ? ha ha (actually they finish at 10.30pm & in the far NE of KL)

- ICOM Friday Musicshows will begin again next term - next to Jln Pahang Mcdonalds

First Saturday : 9am Rimba Ilmu - guided walk of botanical gardens
- First Saturday : Arts market at the National Gallery

Saturdays - PJ Interactive Art Event @Dram Projects S17, every 2 weeks
http://project-connect.blogspot.com live music, poetry, video and theater PJ organisor George from Cloudbreak

every last Saturday FREE classic Malay film12 lunchtime @ Coliseum next one

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, the MNS Selangor Branch Cave Group conducts monthly trips to Dark Caves (located at Batu Caves).

Folk The System! Acoustic Punk Rock Nights! FREE@ Ricecooker Shop/Bau-Bau Cafe - Central Mkt Annexe verandah. Calling for Bands & Performers! music - raw and angry! free food for performers and lots of fun. donation boxes for Food Not Bombs & Kudeta Kolektif.

Some Places to Eat in Kota Raya
Cafe 1 in front of Maybank Tower
open 24 hours
Halal * cheap
Garden Foodcourt
Maybank Tower

Quiet Place in the centre of the City
Petaling St halfway down next to the Police Post around 12.50pm then runs out
Also 4th Floor in Sungei Wan Plaza Bukit B
Bau Bau Cafe
The Hippiest Cafe in KL
Alternative and Art people Hangout
1Fl Central Mkt Annex
Coming up

- MCG events -

- Fri 4th July Juice Bparty @Poppy nr KLCC free drinks for first 200 people from 9pm - wear stars & stripes

- 4-6 July Indie Youth Festival @ 1 Utama http://indieyouthfest.wordpress.com/ since it is presented by "Don't Panic which" is another Klue Magazine I think it will be the same presented by Dopplegangeras the above
Celebrating Digital Culture! A 3-DAY MEGA FESTIVAL in conjunction with the Electronic Sports World Up 2008 Malaysia, pro-gamers and musicians, cartoonists and hard-core console players, 3D artists and cartoonists, even indie filmmakers (Filmmakers Anonymous) convene at 1 Utama's New Wing and Main Entrance. All day activities from 10am - 10pm and it's free! Watch pro-gamers battle it out for a spot to San Jose, USA for the Grand FInals of ESWC 2008 - the Olympics of e-sports. Performances by indie bands and singer songwriters from 4-8pm daily. Expect to see... TEMPERED MENTAL ONE BUCK SHORT DESERTERS OH CHENTAKU TELEPHONY DELIVERY SUPERBAR AN HONEST MISTAKE ARMY OF THREE GREENPAVER ESTRELLA MIA PALENCIA REZA SALLEH ZALILA LEE YURI WONG ADY SUWARDY YUNA see .. http://www.nyobakan.blogspot.com/

- 11-12 July Ballet Fonteyn Studio Theatre, Balletbase presents two new works

Sat 12- Sun 13 July Traditional Dance Competition 8-10pm @Central Market Outdoor Stage

- A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING, from Wed 16-sun 20 July to be staged at Lambang Sari, Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur - mostly sold out cheapest ticket 48Rm : pop, rock, folk, jazz and gospel hits;

- KL SING SONG 2008- July 18th-20th @KLPAC from http://pandaheadcurry.blogspot.com/
- Fri & Sat: starts at 8:30pm, Sun: starts at 3pm PANDA HEAD CURRY? Will be performing at the GRAND FINALE on Sunday 20th July
Tickets: RM 25 / RM 20 (for disabled/students/Samy Velu)

- Saturday 19th July Wine Appreciation Workshop 3-5pm 50Rm South City Lifelong Learning Centre

- Play - The Unbearable Likeness of Being 3pm and 8pm 20 July, 25 (not 3pm) ,26,27--- New Era College in Kajang 20Rm, also very Chinese, but in English http://unbearablesweetness.blogspot.com/

- Thu - 26 Jul stage band competition - Finals: Cineleisure, Damansara KL 10am-12midnight www.mynightwish.net
- There are heats JUNE 28-29th Treehouse Bistro, Damansara Uptown 10am-12midnight

- 6-17th August Play Festival - Short + Sweet

- I'm not a Big fan of classical music, but I see the MPO Orchestra are having some open rehearsals the day before some of their big performances so you can sit in a 95Rm seat and pay only 5Rm
- next ones are

- I see their program has other interesting events like a singing workshop, and a chance to dance Mozart's Macarena - see malaysianphilharmonic.com

They should Flippin label things properly -

- 1 I went to the supermarket and bought some chicken, but when I opened the tin I found it was full sardines ... it definitely said Ayam on the tin.

- 2 Then I bought some beer - it said Tiger on the packet, but when I open it I found it wasn't beer .. it was flippin biscuits

There are other things they don't label properly - 3 There is thing that looks like a car called a Proton, but when you drive it you find it's not a proper car after all ! .... (It's only a joke you happy proton drivers)

- 4 There is a party called the United Malays National Organisation, but then surely there are opposition Malay parties so surely that means the Malays are not united ?

- 5 How come they one thing they surely don't grow in Holland is Durian Belanda ?

seriously how come all the cheaper foods from condensed milk to tinned mackerel have palm oil on their list of ingredients ?

KL events Links
BEST LISTINGS : Time Out KL mag (pretty good), KLUE magazine, check for blog updates , Kakiseni - Arts Events etc, www.visionkl.com

NEW KL links page

when this page is no longer updated, but KL Folk Musician : Peter Hassan Brown of lemang.com has his ear to the ground and produces an excellent monthly email of KL Hip events .. just email Peter

Below ..some KL Alternative Music Scene Info

Also pop into the Central Mkt Annex where KL Punk hero : Joe Kidd runs The Ricecooker a resource centre for local bands. So he knows about lots of events see The Ricecooker Yahoo Group.

next door is KL's hippiest hangout : BAU BAU Caf? the guys there run Food Not Bombs and also know about local arts events.

Passion's Myspace site features the tracks Peter and Markiza did together for 2 Albums. Incuding ..Love And Music,and When Are You Coming Home

Peter Hassan Brown's Myspace site feature tracks from his 4 albums over the last 30 years ..track like the sing alongs : Better World and Hard to Dream

You can hear some banging tracks on the Soft Touch Myspace site. Surely you will hear this music in a movie sometime.

KL's Super Talented Satirical Musician : Rafique Rashid : either cleverly or cos of censorship never produces any Albums & never appears on TV so look out for him live .. you might somebootleg tracks somewhere on the web. Not many musicians "take the piss out of politics and life in Malaysia", they usully think it's safer to stick to traditional music.
.. Oh except of course for the excellent Panda Head Curry by the guy from Ben's Bitches my page has more about their biting satire and free album to download.. JUNE 2008 2nd FREE ALBUM

There maybe other shows like at Malaysia Tourism Centre in Jln Ampang ICOM Friday Musicshows will begin again next term - next to Jln Pahang Mcdonalds
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